The 8 Point Lifting sets a sequence of injections on 8 different spots that need to be assessed individually with the goal of restoring volume and improving the signs of ageing.

Once the areas with the highest volume loss are identified, the procedures to be followed are determined, as well as the way of executing this treatment based on the individual needs of every key area involved in the loss of volume.

Normally filling products or fillers are used, including hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite, among others.

It’s a recovery treatment for the facial aesthetic, painless, with natural results and without signs of having been treated. The main objective is everyone noticing you look great, but no one will see any signs of a treatment, that’s why patients can go back to their daily life the day of the treatment.

These are the points:

Point 1 Zygomatic Arch

The first anchor point that achieves an elevation of the cheek and the malar area.

Point 2 Cheekbone

Projects the cheekbone regaining the lost volume of the area.

Point 3 Middle part of the cheek

Can correct the nasojugal or the lacrimal furrow.

Point 4 Canine fossa and nasolabial furrow

Reduction of the nasolabial furrow.

Point 5 Labial commissure

Elevates the commissure.

Point 6 Pre-Chin

Prevents or mitigates the double chin.

Point 7 Jawline

This point is fundamental for marking the mandibular angle, it’s infiltrated in a fan and following the jawline both ways.

Point 8 Submalar

This technique is applied in a fan form and we achieve a tight central area of the face.


The facial lifting using 8 points is performed in an ambulatory way with local anaesthesia and the time required for the execution is about half an hour. A needle or a small cannula are used depending on the technique and the area to be treated. Allows going back to daily life immediately.

If you wish to know more and how to do a lifting without surgery, contact us!!

350€ for one vial
600€ for two vials in one day

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