BioFiller (plasma gel)

…a very natural wrinkle filler

The BioFiller by IMEBA is a method used for the treatment of wrinkles, such as expression lines and the wrinkles caused by ageing. It’s a natural filler that we injected into the “affected” areas in order to add volume, lift and rejuvenate the skin in areas like face, neck, hands, etc.
This BioFiller contains a lot of proteins that are considered as growth factors. These proteins improve the repair of the damaged skin, including damage caused by ageing, stress, and sun/environmental exposure.
After the injection, these proteins cause a local reaction that will repair and proliferate the damaged cells, this way increasing the volume of the skin, which at the same time gets stronger, more radiant and rejuvenated.

The treatment with this filler can be applied in areas like:

– Face, around the eyes, mouth, nose, jawline
– Lips
– Back of the hand
– Neck
– Scars, including surgical ones
– Stretch marks

The benefits of this BioFiller are many, and include:

– Minimally invasive procedure
– Painless, no sedation required
– No associated risks described
– No side effects, except for some related to the injection rather than the product itself, like a bruising or slight inflammation
– It’s possible to continue normal activities immediately after the treatment

The results can be visible starting from the first treatment. For an optimal result, we recommend 3 sessions, one session every 3 months.


100€/1ml (for one session)

150€/1ml (for one session) with an additive of hyaluronic acid

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