Do you want to rejuvenate your look, remove those droopy eyelids? Would you like to get rid of the sad and tired aspect of your eyes without undergoing surgery?

You can remove dark circles, bags under the eyes and droopy eyelids in a fast and safe way. Thanks to this technology we can say that your look will seem ten years younger.
The non-ablative blepharoplasty is the non-surgical solution for droopy eyelids that rejuvenates the look thanks to a new dermatological technique. It is a PLEXR system for the sublimation of the tissues to be treated without damaging the surroundings, like it is necessary for the upper eyelid. This way, this technique allows treating ultrasensitive areas without causing scars or spots. In many cases, the effect is greater than it would be with surgery, plus it is safer, faster and more affordable.


The innovative Plexr is high tech for dermatology that allows the obtention of results that until now were only possible with surgery. The Plexr system is indicated for non-surgical blepharoplasty; skin lifting of face and body; removal of verrucous injuries (fibromes, nevus, warts and keloids); reshaping or removal of tattoos, etc.

Frequently asked questions about the eyelid rejuvenation treatment:

Who performs the treatment?
Non-ablative blepharoplasty is a very personalised technique that’s always carried out by a doctor, who will also design the palpebral retraction (the folds of the eyelid) as the treatment goes on.

How many sessions are necessary?
It is a progressive treatment, and depending on the desired results, and can be done in one session or more than one session if necessary until getting an optimal result.

Does it have side effects?
It is a fast and safe procedure. A transitory oedema or swelling appears (3 to 5 days maximum), and also tiny crusts of half a millimetre that disappear within a week. Doesn’t produce thermal damage to the skin, plus it doesn’t leave any scars or spots, as long as you accomplish the indicated care for solar protection provided by the doctor.

Can I return to normal life?
Yes, since you don’t need surgery or anaesthesia you can go back to normal life starting from the moment you leave.

Launching offer: 695€  (also with financing over 12 months for 65€/month). 

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