Remove fat accumulations effectively and without any pain.

Body mesotherapy stimulates the metabolism, helping to reduce the amount of accumulated fat in an effective and practically painless way.

What is it? What is it indicated for?

It is a non-invasive technique that introduces homeopathic products, which are meant to be used to reduce locally accumulated fat, on an intradermal way.

What does the treatment consist of? What does the patient feel?

The treatment consists of the injection, on an intradermal way, of homeopathic products that are well tolerated by the body and that help reducing locally accumulated fat.

Before starting. Recommendations

During the treatment, it is recommended to follow a low-fat diet, avoid drinking alcohol and drinking a great amount of water to help removing toxins.


The results can be perceived starting from the third and the fourth session. The locally accumulated fat improves and a reaffirming effect can be seen within the treated area. Besides that, it helps combating fluid retention.

After the treatment

After the treatment, there is a small chance of bruises appearing, these will disappear after a few days. In order to increase the effects of the treatment it can be combined with draining massages. Drinking plenty of water after each treatment session helps removing the dissolved fat more easily.


Body mesotherapy is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is also the case for patients infected with HIV, people who suffer from cancer or blood clotting disorders, as well as people affected by an active skin infection or an allergic reaction to one of the administered components.

Special offer: 

Price: 399€ / 6 sessions

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