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Wrinkle treatment by excellence due to its presence on the market for over 20 years. At our clinic we offer this treatment, performed by our expert doctors in aesthetic medicine. We guarantee perfect results at an unbeatable price.

Wrinkle treatments: crow’s feet, frown, forehead


Complete 275€ / 1 vial (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) (includes touch up within 14 days) Botulinumtoxin Bocouture by Merz®

Complete 320€ / 1 vial (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) (includes touch up within 14 days) Botox® Vistabel by Allergan®

330€ complete 60ui (more than 1 vial) (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) Botulinumtoxin Bocouture by Merz®

385€ completo 70ui (more than 1 vial) (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) Botulinumtoxin Bocouture by Merz®

Botox® treatment for the removal of hyperhidrosis (excess sweating):

495€ (armpits or hand or feet) (2 vials / 100 UI)


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Truths and lies about Botox

It’s probably not the first time you hear about botulinum toxin (Botox). It’s one of the most requested treatments within aesthetic medicine.

Today, we are going to tell you some truths and some lies that generated about this treatment:

1. It’s a safe treatment: TRUE. It’s a treatment with a local effect, highly tested and with many years of clinical experience. It is used in various specialities within the medical field like: neurology, ophthalmology, etc. As long as the treatment is performed by a trained and skilled specialist it is safe.

2. It’s effective against sweating: TRUE. Botox can be applied to eliminate the sweating excess of the armpits (axillary hyperhydrosis) in a fast, safe, comfortable and effective way.

3. No injections should be done while pregnant or breastfeeding: TRUE. There’s still not enough data. It is unknown whether the substance is excreted through breast milk, that’s why it’s not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

4. It’s an effective treatment for filling up your lips: FALSE. That’s simply crazy. Botox helps relaxing the muscles and provides no volume at all. If you are interested in a lip filling, the ideal option is an injection of hyaluronic acid.

5. Botox leaves the face without expression: FALSE. The most important thing about these treatments is the person performing them. Make sure to get in touch with professionals who perfectly know your facial muscles and avoid undesired results by doing so.

6. The injection is painful: FALSE. The needles are very fine and the doctors usually apply an anaesthetic cream or ice locally to reduce sensitivity.

7. When you stop applying Botox, the wrinkles get worse: FALSE. It’s true that the effect of Botox gradually disappears, but new wrinkles aren’t more pronounced than the previous ones, always less. This is due to the fact that we get used to a smooth and young skin, and when new wrinkles appear they draw our attention.

Don’t hesitate contacting us for more information and put yourself in the hands of the Clínica IMEBA® professionals.

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