Nowadays, the breast augmentation procedure is the most demanded surgery in our country, it will help you getting the body you always wanted.

Before starting the breast augmentation procedure
First of all, you will do an interview with the medical specialist, in order for him to inform and advise you about the operation.

At Clínica IMEBA®, the surgery specialist will help you finding out what kind of breast augmentation procedure you need and the type of implants that best suit you. Besides that, he will resolve any uncertainties you might have about achieving your desired silhouette. This prior visit will be performed at Clínica IMEBA®.

*Financing: for example 79€/month (60 months)


Once all your questions are answered and you want to proceed with the breast augmentation, a series of test will be performed before the breast operation in order to confirm that you are ready for the intervention.

The breast augmentation operation: step by step
The breast augmentation intervention will be performed at Hospital Quironsalud Palmaplanas, Palma de Mallorca.

  • First step: General anaesthesia is applied, and a small incision is done in the chest area. This incision depends on the preferences of the patient and her anatomy.
  • Second step: Selecting the implant and placing it.
    • Important:The breast augmentation operation is performed with top quality prostheses, certified by the Ministry of Health, and after the operation, the corresponding certificate is handed to the client. Besides that, these implants have a lifelong anti-breaking guarantee.
  • Third step: when the incisions are already closed, the patient must stay at the hospital for 24 hours until they are discharged and can go home.

How long will the scarring take?
Approximately a month after the breast augmentation operation, the scar will start flattening and getting a skin-like colour. That’s why the first weeks, right after the surgery, the scar will show more of a pinkish colour and a bulky surface. To avoid a mark being left, it’s recommended to protect the scar from sunlight.

Is the postoperative period after a breast augmentation painful?
It’s normal to feel discomfort while moving the first days after the intervention. The recommendations for this period of time are taking analgesics and resting in order to make it more bearable. The good news is that said discomfort disappears within some days.

When can I get back to my routine after my breast surgery?
It’s recommended to keep resting until the stitches are pulled out (more or less 7 days after the breast augmentation surgery). Besides that, if you usually exercise, the best thing to do is starting slowly while retaking your routine.

Can I travel by plane or will my breast implants be damaged?
There is no problem at all with flying after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery.

Simple, safe and fast

Duration of the technique: around 1 or 2 hours.
Surgical procedure with general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and sedation.
Hospitalisation of maximum 24 hours.
Recovery and reintegration to everyday life after approximately 2 or 3 days.

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