Bruxism is the medical term used to describe the clenching of the jaw.

Finding the solution
One of the biggest breakthroughs that have been discovered is the total or partial reduction of bruxism. Bruxism is the act of involuntarily grinding or clenching the teeth without any functional purposes. Besides wearing off the teeth, it leads to muscle pain in the ear, neck and jaw area; as well as head-ache.

Treatment against Bruxism · Applications, areas, treatments and effects

Our anxiety levels and muscle tensions accumulated day by day, can focus into a pathology called bruxism, which consists in continually clenching the jaw.

An effective solution to this problem is the treatment against bruxism which aims to relieve the pressure.

It’s not painful because the puncture generally isn’t perceived at all, and in fifteen days the muscle already loses strength and size. Even while doing the treatment you can perceive a feeling of relief that spreads over face and neck.

Bruxism is linked to stress and anxiety. This is done unconsciously, mainly during the night. And no, we’re not referring to snoring or talking in our sleep, but the habit of clenching and grinding your teeth. This pathology, known as bruxism, is directly linked to the stress that affects many people.

If getting out of bed you feel like the jaw area is very tense, your teeth hurt or you even feel headache, it might be possible that you suffer bruxism during the night. This habit is suffered constantly by a lot of people. It increases in stressful times, like exams or weeks with great amounts of work, affecting a larger number of people. For this reason, if you think you might be suffering this pathology, it’s important to see a medical aesthetics doctor. By doing so, besides other therapies, you can be helped in an easy way with a few small injections in the masseter muscle. This is the muscle responsible for this pathology that can have negative consequences for your health, such as:

Deterioration of the tooth enamel. The fact that the teeth continually collide against each other causes an excessive wear and the loss of the enamel covering and protecting them. As a consequence, an extreme dental sensitivity can occur. Usually this happens while ingesting very cold or very hot drinks or food, as the dentine is exposed.

Weakening of the gums. In case aggressive and continued bruxism, this part of the denture can suffer gingival retraction and inflammation (gingivitis), and thus be more prone to bleeding.

Pain in the face and the ears. One of the most usual symptoms in a person with bruxism is pain in some facial areas. The answer lies in the constant oppression that happens when clenching your teeth. In the long term, this ends up affecting the bones that conform the face. The area affected the most is the one close to the ears. This is due to the relation that exists between the jaw articulation and the ear canal.

Headache and cervical pain. Or more specifically, in the temporomandibular area. The constant pressure produced when clenching the teeth can be the direct cause of strong headaches and migraine. Besides, the nerve structures of that area can be overly stimulated, also causing this kind of discomfort.

Is there a treatment?

Even though there are many relaxation techniques and home remedies that can help reducing stress and as a consequence also the bruxism, it’s true that this type of techniques cannot eliminate it directly and permanently. Until recently it was dentists, and they still are, who treat this pathology through annoying splints that need to be in the mouth during the night. These are usually not easy getting used to, causing many people to abandon the treatment after in a short time.

Fortunately, at Clínicas IMEBA® we are experts in the treatment of this kind of pathologies. And this is done with only a few small injections that don’t cause any discomfort. We perform injections into the masseter muscles to relax them and manage to cure this pathology in an effective, simple and lasting way without needing any equipment. Every day there are more pathologies that can be treated, and we are specialists in all kinds of treatments. For more than 8 years we have been performing specific treatments in any facial area. Not only to improve expression lines, but also for excess sweating (hyeprhidrosis) or bruxism and blepharospasm.

Aesthetic benefits

Besides improving the quality of life that the patient experiences, this treatment also has aesthetic benefits. With the relaxation of the masseter muscle, a more stylish face is achieved, enhancing the V shape.


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