Butt Lift with Clínica IMEBA®

As a non-surgical procedure, the butt lift by IMEBA has revolutionised the way in which butt lifts are performed.

With the Brazilian butt lift, a liposuction is required to accumulate the extracted fat and transfer it to the butt.

This requires some downtime.

However, the treatment by IMEBA® is a great option for those who wish to have a larger butt, but have not been able to do so because there is not enough body fat. WHAT IS THE IMEBA BUTT LIFT? The treatment by IMEBA® uses a product which thickens the skin and stimulates the collagen production using micro-invasive injections just under the skin. It’s different from a fat filler, as no downtime is required. To really improve the butt, both the “Brazilian” butt lift and the butt lift by IMEBA® can be combined with the “30Lift Butt Lift” to optimise the result even more.

Clínica IMEBA is one of the few clinics the perform the 30Lift® Butt Lift. For our patients with low amounts of body fat, the butt lift by IMEBA is a welcome, convenient and effective option for the volume augmentation. It can be hard changing the size and the shape of the butt through diets and exercise. Generally, a diet cannot “aim” at specific areas of the body. Also, increasing the muscle mass of the buttocks by doing squats and lunges can be very time consuming and frustrating. That’s why many patients choose to provide proportion, shape and improvement for their bodies through the use of butt lift procedures. A butt lift can make the butt look fuller and rounder, helping the patient to get more confidence and to feel better.

If you wish to know more about how a butt lift by IMEBA can work for you, contact us to make an appointment, in a completely confidential way and without any pressure. We make sure to answer all of your questions and to begin with your transformation as soon as possible.

Perhaps the most notable difference between the IMEBA butt lift and a Brazilian butt lift is the fact that the one performed by IMEBA is a non-surgical procedure and doesn’t require downtime.

The IMEBA Butt Lift only requires simple and painless injections throughout a fast 30 minutes treatment. It’s a great alternative to the Brazilian Butt Lift for skinny patients that don’t have enough fat to be transferred. The lifting by IMEBA acts over time, gradually increasing the skin up to four times and adding a visible volume increase effect to the butt area. Since 2010, there probably has been no other treatment with the phenomenal growth of the Brazilian butt lift, mainly due to Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and JLo. The fact that this procedure equals the Brazilian Butt Lift in the case of skinny patients shouldn’t be surprising. Basically, the Brazilian butt lift and the IMEBA butt lift are designed to do two different things. A Brazilian butt lift can achieve improved results, while a butt lift by IMEBA can create a subtle yet important impact. These two procedures use different approaches, and the butt lift by IMEBA is used when a patient doesn’t have the required amount of fat to be transferred but still want to add volume to the butt area. During a Brazilian butt lift, the first step is a liposuction. Fat is extracted from a specific area where there is a fat excess. The results are lasting and very often, eye-catching. A butt lift by IMEBA doesn’t require liposuction, as the injected material is a substance that stimulates dermal collagen, instead of a filler consisting of fat. The advantage is that this procedure doesn’t even require minimally invasive surgery, therefore it’s not necessary to apply anaesthesia (in some cases, topic anaesthesia is applied to combat discomfort). The result tends to be gradual and subtle, with no recovery time. The treatment by IMEBA® requires several treatment sessions, generally separated by one months time and with results that improve over time. The results generally have a durability of two to three years. This makes the IMEBA butt lift ideal for patients who want natural results, don’t have the time for a recovery period, or don’t have areas with enough fat for a liposuction to be performed.

There are several advantages when comparing the IMEBA butt lift procedure with the Brazilian lifting, including the following:

No anaesthetic injections are required.
Excellent for skinny patients who wish to have fuller buttocks with a better shape.
Short recovery periods.
Subtle results with a natural appearance.
Limited interruption of the daily routine.
The procedure can be performed in only 30 minutes.

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