Campaign Autumn 2017 – Breast Augmentation + Breast Lift

(valid until 15.12.2017!)

Full price: 5.000€

(Without hidden extra cost.)


Nowadays, the Breast Augmentation operation is the most requested surgery in our country, and it will help you getting your desired body.

»We use only high quality implants made in Germany.«

Before doing the Breast Augmentation Surgery
First of all you’re going to make an interview with the specialist in order to inform and assess you about the surgery.

At Clínica IMEBA® there are surgery specialist that will help you figuring out what kind of surgery you need and what type of breast implants is best for you. Besides that, any questions you have on how to get your desired silhouette are going to be answered. The previous consultation will be done at Clínica IMEBA®.


*Financing: for example 89€/month (60 months)

Without a hidden extra cost.

Once all your questions are answered, and you want to proceed with the breast augmentation, a number of tests are going to be done before performing the breast surgery in order to make sure that you are prepared for the intervention.

The breast augmentation surgery: step by step
The breast augmentation intervention will be performed at the Hospital Juaneda Miramar, Palma de Mallorca.

  • First step: the patient is numbed with general anaesthesia to perform a small incision in the breast. This incision depends on the preferences of the patient and her anatomy.
  • Second step: select the implant and place it.
    • Important: the breast augmentation surgery is performed with high quality implants, approved by the Ministry of Health, and after the surgery, you’ll receive the corresponding certificate. Besides that, these implants have a lifelong anti-breaking guarantee.
  • Third step: when the incisions are already closed, the patient needs to stay in the hospital during 24 hours until they get the medical discharge.

How long does the scarring take?
Approximately, one month after the breast augmentation surgery, the scar will start flattening and getting more of a skin-like colour. Because of this, the first weeks after the surgery, the scar has a pink colour and a bulky surface.
To avoid a mark, it’s recommended to protect the scar from sunlight.

The postoperative period of the breast augmentation, is it painful?
It’s normal to feel discomfort while moving during the first days. It’s recommended to take painkillers and rest in order for the discomfort to be more bearable. The good news is that the discomfort disappears after a couple of days.

When can I return to my routine after the breast surgery?
It’s recommended to rest as far as possible until the stitches are removed (more or less 7 days after the breast augmentation surgery). Furthermore, if you do physical exercise on a regular basis, the best is to slowly pick up your routine again.

Is it possible to travel by plane or will the breast implants explode?
There is no problem at all with travelling by plane after a breast augmentation surgery.

Simple, safe and fast:

Duration of the technique: around 1 to 2 hours.
Surgical procedure with general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia and sedation.
Maximum hospitalisation of 24 hours.
Recovery and reincorporation to social life after around 2 to 3 days have passed since the moment of the intervention.

Click here and book your free consultation, or call us at 971 102 103. Thank you.

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Important: We use only implants by the German brand Polytech®.

Since more than 25 years, POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics specialises in the production of breast implants.

Breast implants made of silicone have been used since the decade of 1960. Technology has since changed to a better level. Working in close collaboration with the doctors and the patients, we’ve developed our implants in a way that allows us to guarantee not only a natural appearance and a long-term dimensional stability, but also safety:

  • All implants are 100% handmade in Germany in accordance with the highest quality standards.
  • The silicone used is specifically approved for its long-term implantation.
  • After each production step, every implant is verified by hand to avoid possible errors.
  • In addition, we carry out quality tests on a regular basis in order to ensure the quality of our products.

We offer more than 1.500 different implants for the aesthetic augmentation or the reconstruction of the breast – this product diversity is unique these days.

Choose natural beauty with the latest implants, made in Germany.

All implants are manufactured by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics in Dieburg, Germany. Their main characteristics are their special non-liquid silicone gel and a dense multi-layer coating. The special consistence of the silicone gel is the reason why the artificial breast resembles a natural breast both in contact and movement.

Looking for safety: Breast Implants “Made in Germany” -> click here





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