About the Carbon Peeling with Laser

For women and menlaunching offer: 399€ (pack of 4 sessions)

For women and men – launching offer: 499€ (pack of 6 sessions)

Have you ever heard of the Carbon Peeling with laser? Do you know what it’s used for? Do you know all the benefits of this treatment? ¿Would you consider doing one?

Just so you have a more clear idea, we can tell you that this treatment is considered revolutionary, completely painless and beneficial for:

People with oily skin
Removal of black spots
Treatment of dilated pores
Illuminating dull skin
Treatment of acne on face or body
Exfoliate and refresh the skin

How does the carbon peeling with laser work?
The procedure –carbon peeling with laser– basically consists in applying a layer of liquid carbon to the skin, which penetrates deeply into the pores. Then, when the ND Yag Q-Switched laser is hovered over the area, it takes care of removing it, taking away the dead skin cells, polluting particles and oils.

With a carbon paste peeling it’s possible to absorb the pollutants, in order to be removed afterwards. This treatment is able to penetrate deeply into the skin to make it look more radiant when the process is finished.

Specialists assure that the carbon peeling with laser is particularly positive for people with oily skin, because it reduces the bacteria that cause the acne.

Peeling with active carbon: more details
This treatment with laser, also known as active carbon peeling, doesn’t have a limit in terms of age, and can also be applied to clear up age spots and dark age, to fade freckles, and to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Furthermore, the carbon peeling with laser can lift and tighten the skin, improving elasticity and hydration.

Facial Carbon Peeling: benefits




The facial Carbon Peeling is a very beneficial technique that will yield quite some advantages, most importantly:

– Cleans. The carbon has the capacity of absorbing the pollutants from the depths of the pores.
– Exfoliates. Destroys the dead skin cells effectively, granting a more uniform skin tone and reduced pores.
– Rejuvenates. Aims at the deeper skin layers to stimulate the production of collagen, resulting in a stronger and tighter skin.

If you wish to have a beautiful, soft, lean and radiant skin, at Clínicas IMEBA® we can grant you this wish with the revolutionary carbon peeling with laser. We invite you to contact us in order to benefit from the wonderful results that can be achieved with the combination of active carbon and the ND Yag Q-Switched Laser / Pico Laser.


195€/1 session

399€/pack of 4 sessions (one session every two weeks)

499€/pack of 6 sessions (one session every two weeks)

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