»Carboxytherapy« Get rid of cellulite…



Carboxytherapy is a non surgical technique or procedure during which the gas carbon dioxide, CO2, is administered on an intradermal way with a sterile and very small needle, this needle is connected to a machine that regulates the gas flow through a connecting tube.

This technique can be applied on its own or in combination with other techniques, like mesotherapy, laser therapies, etc. Its origin goes back to the fifties in France, when a group of cardiologists who were developing treatments for different medical conditions (related to issues like poor circulation and poor wound scarring), extended their studies to the treatment of fat accumulations and other aesthetic conditions. Carboxytherapy is applied to heal or combat the fat excess of the body, like cellulite, combat body and facial ageing, flaccidity and microscopic varicose veins, as well as to reduce scars and stretch marks. It’s also used as a postoperative treatment after liposuction treatments or other aesthetic surgeries to correct skin imperfections, prevent fibrosis and improve the results. Its use is very common in the medical branches of rheumatology, angiology, urology and dermatology.