Sculptra® – against facial flaccidity



Price: 375€/session

Treatment against facial flaccidity

The treatment with SCULPTRA, as a flaccidity treatment, offers a clear clinical improvement without the need of undergoing a conventional surgery.

SCULPTRA is an injectable synthetic material consisting of “polylactic acid”, which is biocompatible and completely resorbable.

SCULPTRA’s mechanism of action is based on the renewal of the skin on a cell level along with the progressive formation of new collagen.

Polylactic acid has been used in resorbable surgical threads over many years.

Bio-Lifting with calcium hydroxyapatite


Bio-Lifting is a non-surgical technique that regains the lost volume and structure of the skin, providing tension and firmness to it and stimulating the natural collagen formation.


Restores the functions of the skin, stimulates the fibroblasts and increases the number of collagen fibres

• Provides a full facial full facial rejuvenation

Facial and/or body remodelling without permanent implants

Corrects superficial and deep wrinkles as well as the contour

Double effect on the volume increase: immediate thanks to the containing gel, and lasting because of the subsequent collagen formation induced by the microspheres

Tensor effect that restores the facial features

Natural and stable result


For Christmas and during the whole winter…




Here, we offer you a facial maintenance for Christmas and during winter…

Would you like to regain the facial appearance you had a few years ago? Would you like to feel young again? Would you like to have that soft and smooth skin?

Discover medical bio-remodelling, it will give you a more hydrated face, a smoother skin and, of course, a rejuvenated image.

These are the steps:

1. First treatment (we use 2 ml)

2. After 1 month the second treatment (we use 2 ml)

Price: 499€ for the 2 treatments / it’s a facial maintenance for 6 months

Additional pack: Treatment like previously described plus 1 complete Botox® treatment

(three areas: frown, forehead and crow’s feet) at the first treatment session. Price: 749€


More information about the treatment…

Remove dark circles and bags under the eyes with Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy for dark circles and bags under the eyes – Effective depigmentation


Everyone has suffered those unsightly grey or purple marks that appear under the eyes when we are sleepless or tired, however some people have very significant dark circles for genetic reasons and need to recur to methods like carboxytherapy in order to reduce the effect of these spots.

resultados-de-la-carboxiterapiaIf you also suffer from recurring dark circles and you can find this treatment in your city, this might be your best option if up until now you haven’t achieved your desired results with makeup, creams and home remedies.

Carboxytherapy: What is it and how does it work?

For this treatment, a gas known as carbon dioxide (CO2) is used, and compared to other methods for fighting dark circles, carboxytherapy is a non surgical procedure based on the use of injections. This guarantees the patient a fast recovery, being able to enjoy the results of the treatment as soon as possible.

The procedure will start when the doctor in charge introduces injections containing carbon dioxide into the area of the dark circles. When the injection takes place, the element will extend, this way the greatest possible area will be covered for the treatment.


Labioplasty without surgery / vaginal rejuvenation


Ácido hialurónico, rejuvenecimiento vaginal

The aesthetic medicine explores its limits and reaches even the most secret spots. At the medical office, is now not only used for improving the hydration of the facial skin, to fill wrinkles or to regain facial volume, it is now the new ally for the rejuvenation of the vaginal area and the improvement of the sexual satisfaction in case of dysfunctions.acido-hialuronico-rejuvenecimiento-facial

Dr. Paulo Vergara told us that in France, hyaluronic acid has been used with this purpose for more than 5 years now and that he started doing research when he saw the needs of his patients. Patients resorted to him because they worried about their most inner beauty -and we are not talking about the beauty of their soul- but also for the solution of intimate problems. And he found hyaluronic acid to be the ingredient that can rejuvenate this area.

A hyaluronic acid formulated especially for this delicate area is used, with two different densities. Dr. Vergara says he uses Desirial Plus –the hyaluronic acid with a higher density- to perform the : regain the lost size and firmness of the labia majora and the mons veneris.

The one of lower density is used for the treatment of certain dysfunctions. When injected, a re-hydration of the area is achieved, this has positive consequences when the mucosa decreases due to the menopause, or when taking certain medication. Reduces dryness, stimulates the superficial layers of the skin and the mucosa of the genital area, and improves the vaginal pH.

Applied in only a few minutes, local anaesthesia can be applied, but is not necessary, and after it’s done, a rigorous antisepsis will be carried out. Like all the injections with hyaluronic acid, these ones are also resorbable and the results last between 9 and 12 months.

Price for vaginal rejuvenation: starting at 400 euros.

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Ellanse®, a unique and innovative dermal filler…

Ellanse® is a unique and innovative dermal filler that combines an immediate correction of wrinkles and folds with the production of natural collagen by the body. Ellanse® offers more durable results and we can use it, depending on our objectives, to induce the production of collagen, ideal to reduce the flaccidity of face and neck; as a filling substance or to increase the volume of the cheeks or the chin in order to obtain a young and rebuilt skin. In any case, its ability to stimulate the collagen production is fascinating, as well as the type of collagen that is created. It’s a great new help for keeping the facial skin elastic and smooth and also to rejuvenate areas like hands, neck and neckline.

Ellanse® is a revolutionary facial treatment that acts below the deep dermis and that’s indicated for the treatment of ageing signs, especially for those faces that have already started undergoing a drooping process caused over the course of time. The production of type I and III collagen is stimulated, returning the natural elasticity and brightness to the face and keeping these results over a long period of time. Gives back the shape to the facial oval and returns the facial volume without changing the expression. Ellanse® allows regaining the elasticity and thickness of the skin that are lost over the years.

Collagen is one of the most important supporting structures that are naturally found in our skin, helping to keep the elasticity and flexibility of the tissue. Over the course of time, our skin gradually loses its natural collagen, this leads to facial flaccidity and the formation of wrinkles and folds. Ellanse® uses the natural response of the body to stimulate the generation of collagen, restore a fresh and youthful appearance and reaffirm the tissue, resulting in a generally rejuvenated appearance.

Price per session:         345€ (One vial – 1 ml)
Duration of the session:    50 minutes

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Facial Lipofilling


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Facial Lipofilling

Fill and reshape your face with your own body fat through this innovative technique.

What is Facial Lipofilling?

Facial Lipofilling is an extraordinary method to rejuvenate and contour the depressions that appear due to the volume loss caused in the facial area over time.

On one hand, the skin quality and the turgor of the face are improved, and on the other hand, flaccidity is removed restoring the lost angles.

Lipofilling is essentially used for repairing imperfections of the skin surface like scars, clefts around the eyes and the cheeks, its aesthetic purpose offers surprising and natural results.

It’s a minimally invasive and fast treatment, with permanent effects, that doesn’t resort to chemical substances or artificial implants to give the face back its beauty. About 70% of the transferred fat is permanent.

The fat can be extracted from any area of the body like the abdomen, the flanks or the hips, as long as there’s an important layer of fat. The extracted fat is prepared until turning into a homogeneous mass without lumps (innovative NANOFAT technique), afterwards it’s injected into the area the patient desires. In some cases the technique and the results are optimised by combining the treatment with the application of platelet rich plasma.

The main objective of this technique is rejuvenating the face and returning the lost volume to the cheeks, the nasolabial fold, the circles around the eyes and the facial oval (in some cases depressions caused by scars can be treated).

Results: Permanent.


Botox® Women / Men

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Wrinkle treatment by excellence due to its presence on the market for over 20 years. At our clinic we offer this treatment, performed by our expert doctors in aesthetic medicine. We guarantee perfect results at an unbeatable price.

Wrinkle treatments: crow’s feet, frown, forehead


Complete 275€ / 1 vial (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) (includes touch up within 14 days) Botulinumtoxin Bocouture by Merz®

Complete 320€ / 1 vial (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) (includes touch up within 14 days) Botox® Vistabel by Allergan®

330€ complete 60ui (more than 1 vial) (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) Botulinumtoxin Bocouture by Merz®

385€ completo 70ui (more than 1 vial) (forehead, frown and crow’s feet) Botulinumtoxin Bocouture by Merz®

Botox® treatment for the removal of hyperhidrosis (excess sweating):

495€ (armpits or hand or feet) (2 vials / 100 UI)