Carbon Peeling with Laser / Hollywood Peeling – the latest treatment, and of course with Cínicas IMEBA®

About the Carbon Peeling with Laser

For women and menlaunching offer: 399€ (pack of 4 sessions)

For women and men – launching offer: 499€ (pack of 6 sessions)

Have you ever heard of the Carbon Peeling with laser? Do you know what it’s used for? Do you know all the benefits of this treatment? ¿Would you consider doing one?

Just so you have a more clear idea, we can tell you that this treatment is considered revolutionary, completely painless and beneficial for:




Fox Eye Lift / Bella Eyes

Many women want a more beautiful eye shape, especially with regard to the curve of their eyebrows. The so-called Fox Eyes or Bella Eyes are currently very fashionable. At Clínica IMEBA, thread lifting is used to create cat eyes. The treatment is also called cat’s eye lifting.


IMEBA® Aesthetic Pack

“Do something good for your skin”

What your beautician can’t do but is very good for your skin: IMEBA® Aesthetic Pack
All of this without any injections, without pain… but something very special for your skin.
Your cosmetic pack at Clínicas IMEBA®:


Lipolaser – New with Clínicas IMEBA®


· The absolutely latest technology
· Without surgery
· Without hospitalisation
· Fat removal with simultaneous skin tightening
· Many body areas can be treated

Advances in plastic and aesthetic surgery are advancing by leaps and bounds. Every year new techniques are created that allow us to approach almost 100% to the results and expectations of the patients.

In this line, technology and innovation have become the new allies of aesthetic surgery. This is how the lipolaser or laser lipolysis was created as a minimally invasive and highly precise procedure to remove fat from some body areas without surgery, which makes it one of the most novel and requested technique of the recent years.