Treatment of chronic migraine

Chronic migraine is defined as headache that appears at least 15 days a month, with a minimum of 8 days of this headache being classified as migraine, over a period of time of more than 3 months. This means that on at least 8 days, the headache is accompanied by light and sound sensitivity or nausea and the pain intensity ranges from moderate to severe.

At least 2% of the population suffers from chronic migraine. This can be very incapacitating in terms of pain, quality of life, loss of workdays, and the interruption of regular activities during the month.

There are many pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments to reduce the symptoms of chronic migraine, and an important number of people doesn’t react to these treatments, or at some point said treatments aren’t as effective as before anymore, forcing them to increase the doses or even making them take medication every day, which can be detrimental to the health of these patients.

This treatment against chronic migraine is generally well tolerated and doesn’t cause any systemic side effects. However, a small percentage of the treated people can show slight discomforts, such as neck pain, headache, muscle aches, some type of muscular paralysis in the facial area, elevation of the eyebrows, or muscle spasms. If any of these occur, they are of short duration and leave no sequels.

The injection process takes 10 to 15 minutes, and afterwards, the patients are able to go back home and continue their normal activities. Exercises for a stronger neck and hair dyes are contraindicated during a period of 24 hours after the treatment.

This treatment must not be administered to pregnant women or women who are planning on getting pregnant within the next 3 months, as well as people under the age of 18.

This treatment is the first approved intervention that was found to provide a significant improvement for this disease. Despite not resulting in a cure, it represents a progress in the efficient treatment.

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