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Facial Lipofilling

Fill and reshape your face with your own body fat through this innovative technique.

What is Facial Lipofilling?

Facial Lipofilling is an extraordinary method to rejuvenate and contour the depressions that appear due to the volume loss caused in the facial area over time.

On one hand, the skin quality and the turgor of the face are improved, and on the other hand, flaccidity is removed restoring the lost angles.

Lipofilling is essentially used for repairing imperfections of the skin surface like scars, clefts around the eyes and the cheeks, its aesthetic purpose offers surprising and natural results.

It’s a minimally invasive and fast treatment, with permanent effects, that doesn’t resort to chemical substances or artificial implants to give the face back its beauty. About 70% of the transferred fat is permanent.

The fat can be extracted from any area of the body like the abdomen, the flanks or the hips, as long as there’s an important layer of fat. The extracted fat is prepared until turning into a homogeneous mass without lumps (innovative NANOFAT technique), afterwards it’s injected into the area the patient desires. In some cases the technique and the results are optimised by combining the treatment with the application of platelet rich plasma.

The main objective of this technique is rejuvenating the face and returning the lost volume to the cheeks, the nasolabial fold, the circles around the eyes and the facial oval (in some cases depressions caused by scars can be treated).

Results: Permanent.



The natural ageing process causes a collagen loss of the skin and the resulting appearance of wrinkles, volume loss, flaccidity and/or expression lines. The fat located underneath the facial skin that keeps it smooth also disappears over the course of time, leaving a sense of emptiness. As a consequence of this fat loss, the wrinkles are exaggerated and clefts appear. The next phase after this absence of fat in the skin is the appearance of an aged and tired face, maybe even sad.

With Facial Lipofilling, this fat loss is replaced, making the face smooth and bright again. It’s proven that both the pigmentation and solar damages are improved with a fat transplantation in the face. The skin improves in all aspects.

Besides increasing the volume of the face, Facial Lipofilling reduces scars and improves the quality and elasticity of the surrounding skin.
It’s indicated for those people who wish to correct imperfections like wrinkles, clefts, lack of volume or scars in the face using body fat. It can also be used by those who want to make use of part of the fat coming from a liposuction treatment to transfer it to the face.

The advantages of the treatment are:

  • When introducing the fat between the skin and the muscle, the skin quality is substantially improved as we are adding both nutrients and vascularisation.
  • Ambulatory treatment.
  • Permanent and natural results.
  • Wrinkles are eliminated and the skin regains its strength.

What is the treatment like?

The facial filling with body fat or Facial Lipofilling is an innovative technique within the advanced aesthetic medicine that must be performed by a team of qualified professionals that are permanently up to date with the subject. At Clínica IMEBA® we have a trained medical team with enough experience and knowledge to offer the patient the best results and the highest security for this treatment (Miembros de la Sociedad Española de Trasplante de Grasa-SETGRA).

  • For Lipofilling, local anaesthesia is used, and depending on the area it can be complemented with sedation.
  • Hospitalisation is not required for this treatment as it’s an ambulatory treatment.
  • Before the surgery starts, the patient will undergo a previous analysis.
  • The fat is extracted through a fine special tube to avoid the fat cells from breaking and with a mini liposuction that’s usually performed in the belly area but can also be done in other areas like the hips. Once the adipocytes are extracted, they are treated with solutions and centrifuged in order to separate the cells that are still alive from the ones that are not, being able to transfer the first ones into the area to be treated.
  • Through micro-tubes, the fat is injected into the chosen facial area until achieving the desired results.
  • The number of cells that remain can vary between 30% and 70%, that’s why it’s recommended repeating the procedure between 2 and 3 sessions until reaching the volume that the patient desires.
  • The scar left behind is barely visible.

After the treatment

After the Facial Lipofilling, it’s completely normal having a slight swelling and inflammation. These effects will last between a few hours and two days in some cases.

In the area of the fat extraction, inflammation and bruising can show up. You will have to wear a compression garment handed to you at the clinic during a month.


Surgical time: 1 hour
Anaesthesia: Local
Hospitalisation: Not required
Recovery: 10 to 15 days
Results: 5 days


995€ per area ALL INCLUSIVE

  • 1st Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Facial Lipofilling
  • Revisions
  • Anaesthesia: Local

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