We offer you a facial maintenance for 1 year.

These are the steps:

1. First treatment (we use 2 ml)

2. After 1 month the second treatment (we use 2 ml)

3. 6 months later another treatment (we use 2 ml).

Price: 799€ for the 3 treatments / it’s a facial maintenance for 1 year

Additional pack: Treatment like previously described plus 2 complete expression wrinkle treatments (three areas: frown, forehead and crow’s feet) at the first and the third treatment session. Price: 1250€

Would you like to regain the facial appearance you had a few years ago? Would you like to feel young again? Would you like to have that soft and smooth skin?

Discover the medical bio-remodelling that will give you a more hydrated face, a smoother skin and, of course, a rejuvenated image.


More information about the treatment
The application of special hyaluronic acid (special product) of different molecular weights pretends to counteract the physiological reduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin, associating deep hydration with a mechanic action of skin lifting in a synergistic way.

With this treatment, the physiological process of skin ageing, the effects of which show through a lower hydration and the alteration of the elastic fibres and the collagen fibres of the skin, resulting in a loss of turgor and tension as well as a loss of the skin tone.

The viscoelastic and hydrating properties of the optimal conditions for hyaluronic acid, tied to the capability of keeping the mentioned HA on an appropriate level within the skin tissues, allows the re-hydration and the tension restoration of the same, creating the right conditions to rejuvenate and repair, as well as to prevent and counteract the process of skin ageing. This encourages the remodelling of the tissue, with the resulting corrective effect of the processes caused by the ageing of the skin, which is a result of sun exposure, age and various skin damages.

The HA also has a very important role within the cellular matrix as it creates the optimal physiological conditions for the proliferation, the migration and the organisation of the cellular component of the dermis.

Besides the administration of this product and its action on a dermal level and not on an epidermal level, it allows taking the appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid directly to the tissue to be treated, necessary to counteract the action of the free radicals on the fibroblasts and the sub-dermal fatty tissues, guaranteeing the preventive and corrective action of the medical-aesthetic treatments.

Only five small applications with a micro-needle are needed on each side of the face. For this purpose, the most effective spots for this treatment were studied, looking for a discreet but still noticeable lifting effect. It is applied in only 20 minutes and without anaesthesia as the treatment is painless.

Characteristics and benefits of the treatment
Bio-remodelling with the infiltration of ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, of both high and low molecular weight, achieving a concentration that’s unique on the market, 64 mg in 2 ml to be exact.
The new device combats facial ageing through bio-remodelling, or the ability to revert the effects of skin laxity.
The effects are visible the same day the treatment is performed and increase with every day, reaching its maximum expression between the sixth and the tenth day. The treatment is performed in only two sessions, with a break of one month between both.
It’s the trending treatment of the high society, the show business and the celebrities due to its easy application and its extreme and immediate hydrating effect, as well as the lifting effect.
It’s injected into the dermis in only 5 minutes per face side, on strategically defined spots where a well structured capillary lymphatic network can be found that allows maximising the spreading of the product in the malar and the sub-malar area.
This injection technique allow focusing the action of the product on the areas where the skin appears to be affected by laxity and ageing. By concentrating a defined volume of the compound on a few anatomically receptive spots it progressively spreads through the interstitial spaces.
This technique allows us to reduce the number of both the injections and the sessions.
It’s recommended for any person above the age of 30.
The laboratory recommends repeating the treatment twice a year, but the number of sessions will be increased depending on the ageing of the patient.
Further this treatment is compatible with all other treatments, like expression wrinkle treatment for example.
Perhaps the best rejuvenating and remodelling treatment against skin laxity that has been developed in the 21st century.

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