Otoplasty without surgery

Permanent solutions: options for a permanent correction of prominent ears.

  • Otoplasty: this is the surgical procedure used for the correction of the ears that can use either local or general anaesthesia. It requires tests and a special care before and after the treatment.
  • Minimally invasive technique: Currently there’s a new technique to correct prominent ears caused by a lack of the antihelix fold, this is done by inserting an implant. Immediate, predictable and reversible results, plus no postoperative treatment is needed, resulting in an immediate incorporation to normal life after the operation.
  • Aesthetic correctors: Transparent silicone prostheses which are placed on the upper part of the ear and fixed onto the head with sanitary adhesive.
  • Splints: these are devices made from plastic or metal that reshape the folds of the cartilage.

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What does carrying this implant involve?

It’s a minimally invasive treatment carried out in a sterile environment by a trained and qualified doctor. However, unlike the traditional surgery for prominent ears (otoplasty) the treatment is performed in an ambulatory way, without the need of general anaesthesia.

Is it possible to see how the ears will look like before placing the implant?

With the use of simulators on the outside of the ear, it’s possible to simulate the appearance of the ears after the treatment. This way, the desired final form can be personalised.

How much do the ears change with this new technique?

A clinical study showed a reduction of the prominence of the ears (defined as the measured distance between the outer border of the ear and the side of the head) of up to 37%.

Can you feel the implant?

In theory, no, it’s very thin and coated in 24 karat biocompatible gold to avoid it’s visibility under the ear’s skin.

What material is the implant made of?

A nitinol metal alloy, covered with biocompatible 24 karat gold.

How long does it take to insert the implant?

In the majority of cases, the treatment takes between 5 and 20 minutes.

When can the patients go back to work or to their normal activities?

The majority of the patients can return to their daily routine immediately – even on the same day.
It’s not necessary to carry a bandage around the head because there’s only small stitches close to the incision.

What side effects are to be expected?

It’s normal to experience some swelling or bruising around the incision during a period of time of one week after the treatment. Other possible side effects are infection (treated with antibiotics), slight bleeding and pain when the ear is leaned upon, these are temporary and disappear as time goes by.

Is the implant permanent or can it be removed?

The implant was designed as a permanent solution for the correction of prominent ears, even though it can be extracted easily if necessary. In case it is necessary to remove the implant, the procedure is simple.

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