High quality micropigmentation with Clínica IMEBA® 

»We are N°1 in Mallorca with a certified and award-winning stylist«

I had very little hair on my eyebrows but I never thought about it. I went to Clínica IMEBA for a consultation about another type of facial treatment, and I was recommended doing the treatment for my eyebrows due to me ignoring this fact. They explained me how important the eyebrows are for the facial expression because they can make you look much younger.

Luckily the therapist had a free moment so he could attend me and talk about permanent makeup. I got one of my eyebrows painted, at that moment I could see how much of a difference it meant and how well the painted side looked. I asked if I could do the treatment right at that moment. The therapist started laughing and told me he already knew that reaction from other patients, but it was not possible performing the treatment because that day was already fully booked but they gave me an appointment for the week after.

Please book your appointment or free consultation now. You can call us by Tel: (+34) 971 102 103 or just click here and send us a message.

If you like to book your appointmenthttp://www.imebapalma.com/contact/?lang=en

The price is 250€ with a retouch that I got done one month after. The results are absolutely incredible and the professional is a great person. He was very kind and he paid attention to all of my questions, I even decided getting my lips done further on.

Finally I want to thank Grant and say that he’s a great professional. Thank you very much for everything!                                                                                                                                                      Margarita B.

To book an appointment or a free consultation please call us at: 971 102 103
or click here to send a message.

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