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One of the facial areas where the ageing signs are the most pronounced is, without any doubt, the area around the eyes. Partly, this is due to the fact that this is also the area where ageing signs start showing earliest, starting at age 24-26. The reason is simple: the majority of the muscles that contract and dilate in order to show emotions are located in this area. However, we shouldn’t confuse these signs with other problems like dark circles and bags underneath the eyes that can be genetic and are more pronounced in some people, resulting in a permanently tired appearance.

IMEBA® EYES, with more than eleven antioxidants, is a new approach for the healthy and effective rejuvenation of the periorbital area. Not only this, it also combats the rest of the discomforts related to this area which can be suffered by younger people. The effect of its active ingredients, like Esvaratrol or Hesperidin, improves lymphatic drainage and the permeability of the vein complex around and underneath the eyes, avoiding the formation of bags.

It has also been a priority to create a complex where the post-treatment effects that were usually the most uncomfortable in this area (inflammation or redness) are reduced the maximum possible.

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What frequency should it be performed with in order to be effective?
It’s recommended to do one session every two weeks until reaching a total of four in order to achieve the best results. A follow-up treatment is only required once a year, although it can be repeated every trimester if you wish to do so.

The best option to be combined
The IMEBA® EYES treatment works perfectly in synergy with facial treatments like expression wrinkle treatment and fillers or peelings.

Price: 70€/session

We recommend four treatment sessions (one treatment session every two weeks)


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