IMEBA® HIFU – Lifting without surgery

The only non-invasive treatment for tightening and strengthening the skin approved by the FDA in the US for tightening the skin of neck and face
Procedure using ultrasound that stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the deep layers of the skin.
This treatment tightens and strengthens the dermal tissue, even that of the decollete area, without surgery or recovery time.

Treatment areas:


1. Skin flaccidity, lifting of the skin through the promotion of the collagen contraction and the regeneration of the elastic fibres, skin tighteningg

2. Wrinkle removal

3. Removal of the nasolabial folds

4. Removal of expression lines

5. Removal of forehead wrinkles

6. Removal of eye wrinkles

7. Skin strengthening and rejuvenation

8. Lifting of the eyebrows

9. Tightening of the abdominal skin

How does it work?

Over the course of time, the collagen contained in our skin gets weaker and the elastin starts to degrade, causing the skin to get more loose. A good candidate for Ultratherapy is someone with a skin that has “relaxed” to the point of appearing or feeling less firm. A lower line of the eyebrows, sagging skin underneath the chin, or wrinkles in the decollete area are all signs of skin laxity.
Unlike treatments with laser and radiofrequency, which enter the skin from the outside Ultratherapy works from the inside to the outside to tighten and strengthen the skin in a non-invasive manner. Avoiding contact with the skin surface, Ultratherapy provides focused ultrasound energy in depths of up to 4,5 mm – in the same skin layer that’s usually targeted during a surgical lifting.

Price: starting at 200€/session (depends on consultation)

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A lot of people wonder how a HIFU system works, as there’s more and more mentions of the wonderful effects of this machine.

The ultrasounds are mechanical vibrations in an elastic medium that have a higher frequency than audible vibrations. The destruction of fat tissue through ultrasound can be done with non-focused ultrasound (ultra-cavitation) or high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). In both cases, the adipose membrane breaks, in the first case due to shockwaves and in the second one due to thermal-mechanical effects.


The focused ultrasound works in a way that ensures that all the discharges produced by the transducer match on a spot where the treatment achieved it’s maximum efficiency. The HIFU system converges the energy in depth and in a selective way (in the same way that a magnifying glass interacts with sunbeams), keeping the most superficial layers of the skin intact. This is why this technology is extremely safe; the HIFU technology can be applied on any phototype without the risk of damaging the skin, allowing it’s use at any time of the year.

These systems are assisted by a computer tracking system to control which areas of the body have been treated already and which areas haven’t, this way a homogeneous treatment of all areas is achieved.

Facial HIFU

Even though the best HIFU machines on the market allow both facial and body treatments, in this case we will talk in depth about the facial treatments.

There are certain age-related problems that have been hard to solve without resorting to surgery, up until now. We’re talking about skin excess on face and neck, for example. Over the course of time, the production of collagen increases and its degradation starts, besides that, the collagen suffers structural changes that cause a decrease of the skin thickness and a loss of elasticity, in one word, ageing.

The HIFU system is a modern technology that is considered to be the most efficient medical-aesthetic application for skin tightening and the non-surgical treatment of flaccidity through focused ultrasound. The sound waves keep generating heat, contracting and lifting the skin tissues without altering the skin surface. Heat is applied to the treated area, bringing the tissues to a certain temperature over a controlled time, leading to a “neocollagenesis” or remodelling of the collagen. This remodelling causes an improvement of the skin properties, as well as the synthesis of the new collagen.

What people is the Facial HIFU treatment aimed at?

Fundamentally people with slight to moderate skin flaccidity, men and women between 35 and 65 years. Patients with sagging eyebrows, flaccidity of the cheeks or the jaw and neck area.

What does the patient feel during the treatment?

As it is logic, the pain threshold is completely different depending on the person, however, a certain discomfort can occur while the energy is released, but this is only a fleeting discomfort.

How long does one session take?

This depends on the areas to be treated, but the usual time is between 30 and 50 minutes.

Is there a recovery period?

The patient can immediately return to his daily routine, the swollen or red area goes back to its normal state within a few hours.

When is the treatment visible?

Upon finishing the session the patient, no matter if man or woman, notes a 20% of the global treatment results. After 4-6 months, the full result of the treatment can be seen, in form of a general strengthening of the treated areas thanks to the increase of the collagen and the elastin of the skin.

Contraindications of HIFU ENT

The treatment with high intensity ultrasound HIFU is contraindicated for the following patients:


Cases of pregnancy and lactation.

Blood clotting disorders, diseases of the connective and the neuromuscular tissue.

Cancer, or cases of an important overweight.

People with severe heart diseases, pacemakers, defibrillators or cardioverters.

People who have recently undergone an expression wrinkle treatment, people with aesthetic implants like fillers, etc.

Open and unhealed wounds.

Severe acne.

Metallic implants in the treatment area.

Patients with high fever or after consuming alcohol.

Patients with high sensitivity mental illnesses.

Patients with epilepsy.

Patients with kidney failure.

Patients with severe infections.


Ask your doctor in the following cases:

Women during menstruation.

Hemorrhagic diseases or trauma, inflammation, skin diseases or skin infection.

Patients with a feeling of numbness, lack of response to cold and heat.

Patients with lack of sensation. Patients with lack of sensation. m

Deficient immune system, scarring history, bruises or related diseases.

People who have undergone a surgical lifting, expression wrinkle treatment, or have implants like fillers, etc.





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