IMEBA® RC – body filler

¡NEW! at IMEBA® – IMEBA® RC, a filler treatment for the body without surgery

IMEBA® RC is a filler for the body made of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which can be used in big areas of the body with the aim of correcting aesthetic flaws and improve the body outline in a natural and lasting way.
The technology used for this product achieves a physical form of hyaluronic acid with a higher density than the one used for facial injections, increasing the time that it stays in the body.

Some of the treatments than can be performed with this filler are:

– Butt augmentation
– Calves augmentation
– Filler for the hands
– Biceps augmentation
– Abdominal marking
– Thickening and elongation of the penis
– Simulation of muscle hypertrophy / muscle rupture (bodybuilding)

The procedure is simple: it’s performed through a small injection of local anaesthesia, and after that the product is injected directly into the selected area using a cannula or needle and a gentle massage.
This treatment doesn’t require general anaesthesia and takes approximately between 30 and 90 minutes to be done, depending on the amount of product to be injected.

The effects last for about 18 months, and the refills of this body filler require less product, half the amount in the majority of cases.
IMEBA® RC allows remodelling the outline through a well-tolerated, safe, and long-lasting body filler.

If you wish to receive more information about the body filler with IMEBA® RC, you can ask for a free consultation at our centre in Palma.

  1. Butt augmentation
  2. Calves augmentation
  3. Filler hands
  4. Biceps augmentation
  5. Abdominal marking
  6. Thickening-elongation of the penis
  7. Simulation of muscle hypertrophyr and/or muscle rupture (bodybuilding)

Prices: The price varies depending on the amount to be infiltrated, a quote will be provided during the consultation

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