WITHOUT modifications
WITHOUT changes
WITHOUT deforming the natural expression of the face, through micro-injections of bio-natural products, this is done to recover and regenerate the elements that the skin lost.

Thanks to micro-injections of bio-natural products, it is possible to recover and regenerate the lost elements of the skin, like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, to rejuvenate the face, combat flaccidity and erase wrinkles:

Recovering the facial volumes and outlines.
Closing the pores and strengthening the skin texture.
Removing bags underneath the eyes, as well as crow’s feet.
Restoring the vitality and brightness of the face.

In one word, it’s not just about the removal of wrinkles, but also about rejuvenation. The skin of the face, the eyes, the neck, the neckline and the hands is treated in every session and:
The products used don’t require any allergy tests.
There’s practically no discomfort or pain, and no anaesthesia is needed previous to the sessions, only if you wish to.
The patient can immediately return to a normal professional activity.

The durability of the results varies between 6-12 months, they can start to be seen after the first session, but their onset can also be delayed, in some cases.

Price: 699€/session

To book your appointments, please call us at 971 102 103 or click here to send a message.

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