IMEBAcel® is the first medical treatment designed specifically to combat orange peel skin and gynoid lipodystrophy (cellulite) at all stages. IMEBAcel® is a medical solution, effective and safe, that allows treating and preventing the onset of cellulite, with satisfying results that can be combined with other medical-aesthetic procedures that share the same goal.

The treatment must be performed by a specialist who is properly trained in the application of the product.

IMEBAcel® is designed to neutralise the toxic action of the iron and encourage its elimination, as well as changing the pH of the tissue (turning it basic) and returning balance to the structure of the fatty tissue.

– The application is performed through a mesotherapic procedure within the areas affected by cellulite.

– About 7 to 12 sessions are needed to achieve a good result, depending on the evolutionary stage of the cellulite.

– The sessions are performed once a week and the results can start to be seen after the 3rd session.

Are there any side effects?

The discomfort caused by the technique is minimal as the procedure is done through infiltrations with micro-needles. The side effects that can most frequently be seen are the possible appearance of bruises, a slight inflammation of the tissue, and redness of the treated area, which disappear in the hours after the treatment.


  7 sessions    899€/complete

12 sessions 1.399€/complete (for more advanced cellulite)

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