🎯Purpose: anti-flaccidity for the lower and upper eye area
👓How does it work?:
3x treatments with micro-injections (every 2 weeks)
🎉Results: after every treatment, with constant improvement
🔎Note: The individual results can vary
(+34) 971 102 103 Mallorca
📧 eMail: info@imebapalma.com
🌏Página web: www.imebapalma.com
📍Location: C/Catalunya 2, Palma
😴Anaesthesia: not necessary
Required time: 30 minutes
📆Recovery: none
👍Durability: max. 9 – 12 months
😱Pain: 1/10
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💶Price: 399€ complete
© Copyright 2018: Clínica IMEBA®


This treatment is done to improve the appearance of the periocular area, whether it is due to bags under the eyes, saggy dark circles or skin flaccidity, we apply vitamin cocktails combined with other products that will improve the appearance of this area, resulting in a fresh, rested and younger look.

– There is no recovery time
– Painless
– Very low risk of side effects (as long as it’s performed by a certified doctor)
– Done in only 30 minutes

– It’s indicated for patients with a slight to moderate flaccidity and/or bags, severe cases will require a combination with other treatments or even surgery.
– It’s necessary to perform 2-3 sessions every 2 weeks for a satisfying result.
– It’s necessary repeating it periodically in order to keep the achieved results.

IMEBAeyes®Pro / Eyes with more than eleven antioxidants, is a new medical approach for the healthy and effective rejuvenation of the periorbital area. Not only that, it also combats the rest of inconveniences related to this area that younger people may be suffering from. The effect of its active ingredients.

It’s also been considered a priority to create a complex where the post-treatment effects that used to be more uncomfortable in this area (inflammation or redness) are reduced as much as possible.

Package price: 399€ (3 sessions)

To book your appointment, please call us at (+34) 971 102 103 or click here to send a message.

You can also message us via WhatsApp: 653 620 509 

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