Do you know the IMEBA®PRX-T33 Peeling? This innovative treatment is becoming the favourite of medical aesthetics centres. We all should be able to feel comfortable with ourselves at any time of the year. Do you want to know more about this exponent of cutting-edge medical aesthetics?

A peeling also for the summer.

What is IMEBA® PRX-T33?

The IMEBA® PRX-T33 Peeling is a new procedure that adds hydrogen peroxide to the trichloroacetic acid. Or in other words, thanks to this addition, the effect of the trichloroacetic acid is modulated, in addition to a better and faster penetration of the skin. All of this activates the regenerating process of the dermis without causing any damage to the skin.

In addition, it’s a base procedure used when a client undergoes corrections that imply the use of threads, vitamins, platelet rich plasma, fillers, laser, etc.

Thus, in many occasions, it’s a support for other treatments like lip augmentation, motivated by the multiple benefits that its components and formula yield.

What are the advantages of IMEBA® PRX-T33 peelings?

This new treatment favours the stimulation of the fibroblasts, cells that synthesise the dermal fibres, without causing inflammation or damages to the area of application. Besides that, one of the advantages is the fact that it’s not photosensitive. This is why it doesn’t matter at what time of the year you wish to perform this procedure.

Another advantage is its ability to get rid of skin flaccidity through biorevitalisation, and even increasing the overall skin health. In fact, it will grant you the possibility of forgetting about stretch marks or scars left by varicella or acne.

This treatment is non-invasive, but stimulates the skin without requiring an exfoliation of the dermis. As a consequence, we are talking about a technique with immediate results.

In this regard, the IMEBA® PRX-T33 Peeling represents the prelude of other treatments. This means it can be combined with other medical-aesthetic and cosmetic procedures without any problems.

What kind of imperfections are improved with IMEBA® PRX-T33?

In order to know what can be improved thanks to this novel technique, it’s necessary to know the three types of peelings that exist: superficial, medium and deep.

The superficial peelings improve superficial spots and the skin texture, which is why they are very efficient for the treatment of acne, hyperchromia, etc. The medium peelings, for their part, dissipate the scars caused by acne, as well as wrinkles that are not very strong. Precisely, the deep peelings are used for these deep wrinkles performing the treatment called resurfacing.

Did you know that IMEBA® PRX-T33 even protects from skin cancer? If you are a person prone to have cancer, because relatives of yours have suffered it, or simply because you want to prevent yourself from suffering it, besides gaining an aesthetic improvement, you’ll be bale to look after your health thanks to this treatment.

This is due to the fact that, when removing the skin aged by light, it removes the cells that can develop cancer in the future.

Recommended sessions for the IMEBA® PRX-T33 treatment

Being a highly efficient treatment, with one single session of 15 to 20 minutes, it could be enough for you to get the desired results. However, there are different kinds of skin, and the number of sessions will depend on multiple factors. These factors are the skin phototype, the aesthetic problem that is to be reversed, and the criterion of the aesthetic doctor.

This innovative peeling can be done between two and five times, one every 15-20 days with a previous exfoliation.

It’s a new peeling treatment that provides aesthetic and health benefits to the skin. Similarly, this treatment is capable, to a greater or lesser extent, to remove the deepest wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin at any time of the year, in one session and without altering your daily life.

Recommendation: 4 sessions, performed weekly (one session every week)

Price for the treatment REVITALISATION OF FACE AND NECK (minimum 4 sessions)


699€/4 sessions package price*


Price for the treatment STRETCH MARKS (minimum 8 sessions)


1.399€/8 sessions package price*


Price for the treatment RECENT DEPRESSED SCARS (minimum 3 times a week for 6 weeks)


1.699€/package price for 6 weeks*


Price for the treatment MELASMA (minimum 2 times)


*All treatment packages shall be performed within one year, because the right for the non-performed treatments expires after one year.

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