The keys of Intralipotherapy

Intralipotherapy consists of the injection of a substance known as deoxycholic acid, a watery solution with a gelatine base and completely biocompatible, as it is found in the human body, and which is absorbed easily. This treatment is especially suited for the removal of fat accumulations that occur in the areas of the belly, hips, thigs, knees and arms, which is why it’s not recommended to be used in obese people.

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Keys of intralipotherapy
The deoxycholic acid is injected in one single puncture and using a really fine needle directly in the fatty tissue, it liquefies the fat and the lipids are eliminated in a natural way through the lymphatic system. To achieve satsifying results, at least three sessions of intralipotherapy are needed, with a minimum waiting time of three weeks between each treatment session. Intralipotherapy doesn’t require anaesthesia and doesn’t produce discomfort after finishing the session, although in some occasions, a small redness appears within the treated area, as well as some stinging and in some cases also bruises that stay for a short period of time. Some specialists recommend undergoing a lymph drainage after two days and another one after one week.

Intralipotherapy is contraindicated in pregnant women or during breastfeeding, or in case of infections, diabetes or severe heart, liver, or kidney diseases. In patients with bleeding or coagulation disorders, or patients who are undergoing therapy with anticoagulant substances, this technique must be used very carefully because it’s more likely to produce bruises (small blood accumulations under the skin).

Price: 399€ includes 2 vials, each extra vial has a cost of 75€/vial.

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