Rino-Modelling. Especially for lifting up the tip of the nose.


The aesthetic flaws of the nose caused, caused by genetics or due to external causes, have been one of the main causes for complexes and insecurities in a large portion of the population. Thanks to the progress of aesthetic medicine, nowadays there’s a safe and effective solution, and with a fair price.

Rino-Modelling is the technique for the medical-aesthetic modification of the nose without surgery.

Rino-Modelling by Clínica IMEBA® is the most effective, comfortable and safe progress, with immediate results, with the help of which about 80% of the cases are solved without the need of undergoing surgery.

For the treatment of Rino-Modelling, either hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite is used, both are components that can be found in our body. They are biocompatible, reversible and safe as they don’t cause allergic reactions.
Besides adding volume in the angles and areas to be modified, these materials also provide a tensor effect.

At Clínica IMEBA®, the technique of Rino-Modelling is performed through two entry points with latest generation micro-cannulas, which reduces the appearance of bruises and also ensures a very precise deposit of the material in the diagnosed areas. Local anaesthesia is applied to mitigate the pain, which makes this treatment completely safe and efficient.

The objective is improving the flaws, modifying the angles of the nose, the naso-frontal and naso-labial area, and also correcting the back of the nose. Although the procedure focuses mainly on the nose, it also allows for a correction of the chin and other areas of the profile, achieving a global improvement of the face.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

A visible effect is achieved immediately after the treatment.


Returning the symmetry to the nose.
Filling flaws or stigmas after an injury and/or surgery.
Smooth or modify the nasal angles.
Smooth or change the tip of the nose.
Modify, as far as possible, the shape of the back of the nose and lift up the tip of the nose a few degrees for aesthetic purposes and hereby helping to embellish the profile of the nose.
It’s recommended to perform regular revisions every year and to repeat the treatment every 18-24 months.
Price: starting at 345€

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