Lips: hydration without volume – only with Clínica IMEBA®

Price: 295€

Hydration of the lips without additional volume

The lips are one of the most expressive and important facial features. With this treatment, you’ll get hydrated lips while keeping a completely normal appearance and touch, and without adding undesired volume.

Who is this treatment indicated for? Para quién está indicado?

This treatment is suitable for people with dehydrated lips, a lack of definition and the emergence of vertical wrinkles, all of which are characteristic ageing signs.

Material and application method

This treatment consists in the injection of a biocompatible material, in this case hyaluronic acid, which is applied through a small syringe and a very fine needle. The procedure is done on certain spots and paths of the lips that are perfectly defined.

This product is totally inert and doesn’t require a previous test to discard allergies or hyper-sensitivities.

What type of anaesthesia is used?

For this treatment, local anaesthesia is used, both by injection and by topical application.

The duration of the treatment is between fifteen and thirty minutes.

After the treatment

A slight oedema appears right after the application of the product, this can last for some hours but decreases by applying cold and also applying creams, so that the reintegration into social and working life can immediately take place.


You will achieve more hydrated lips, keeping a completely harmonic and natural appearance.

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