Through the filling technique or augmentation of the lip volume, full and attractive lips can be achieved, being able to obtain very natural results.

Filling substances for the lips

There are various products to use as a filling substance in a lip augmentation treatment.

There are two great classifications:

  • Permanent materials
  • Resorbable materials (disappear after a certain time)

For lip augmentation, we don’t use synthetic permanent materials (silicone, polyalkylamide, polyacrylamide) due to a high percentage of the side effects being hard to solve. Within the resorbable products we preferably use hyaluronic acid since up to date it’s been proven to be the one with the least undesired effects, practically none. This is due to an easy application and very good results.

Hyaluronic acid has one disadvantage, it is not permanent, but thanks to the rest of advantages it has become the most used substance by doctors when performing a lip augmentation.

The augmentation of the lip volume on a person with fine lips achieves a more youthful aesthetic aspect, there is no need to get to an excessive volume. We all have in mind famous people who got an unreasonably big lip augmentation, but if the amounts injected are moderate, results that are very natural can be achieved.

The lip augmentation technique

First anaesthesia is applied to the lips through a local anaesthesia of the nerves that are responsible for the sensitivity of the upper and the lower lip. Once the lips are under anaesthesia, the filling substance is injected with a very fine needle, normally hyaluronic acid. The manufacturers produce hyaluronic acids designed especially for the lips that show different properties than the ones used for filling other body areas.

There are several brands of hyaluronic acid on the market: Teosyal®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, Hydryalix®, etc. All of them have specific products for filling the lips with small differences between each of them, but they all show an evidence-based quality and security.

¿And after the lip augmentation?

After the treatment of lip augmentation it’s normal for a certain inflammation to appear, that’s why the lips will be a bit thicker than what they are supposed to be. After 2 or 3 days the final volume is reached due to the inflammation almost being gone. However, it’s wise to wait around 14 days before assessing the result and determining the need of a retouch to correct asymmetries or in case we want even more volume for the lips.

The effect of the volume augmentation of the lips usually lasts, on average, around 1 year. This means that if we want to keep the volume, we need to perform new sessions every year. Nevertheless, the majority of doctors think that it’s much more preferable this way than risking aftermaths like deformities, bumps, inflammations and other reactions of rejection or intolerance that are caused by the use of permanent products. It has been observed that on successive sessions, a lower volume of hyaluronic acid is needed, or what’s the same, the effect lasts longer. It has been observed that on the successive sessions, less volume of hyaluronic acid is needed, or what’s the same, the effect lasts longer.

Price: 295€ / 1 vial

             345€ / 1 vial Juvederm 

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