What is MASCUface?

MASCUface is a treatment program developed especially for men that provides a more masculine look for the face. A lot of men want to have a masculine face, or even a “dangerous face”. This is achieved through certain treatment areas. Feminine facial features are modified while the masculine features are highlighted.

Highlighted facial features, a prominent jaw and a pronounced chin constitute male attractiveness. When applied on younger men, the MASCUface increases sex-appeal. In the case of mature men whose facial features are affected by flaccidity, it causes a rejuvenation and makes them look revitalised (anti-ageing effect).

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Duration of the treatment: approximately 40 minutes
Course of the treatment: Hyaluronic acid is injected and then the different areas are reshaped, which are the following: the cheekbones, the jawbone, the chin and the temple.
Result of the treatment: The face in general gains a more attractive, fresh and masculine appearance – and at the same time completely natural.

Course of the treatment

MASCUface is based on an aesthetic concept that defines the anatomical features in the area of the face that increase a masculine appearance and highlights them. These are literally ideal spots of the face, as the MASCUface needs to be done differently for every man, meaning it needs to be adapted specifically to every face in order to obtain a more fresh, attractive and masculine, but never “retouched” appearance.
Since naturalness is of maximum priority for us, we don’t consider the typical treatment methods. Our treatment plan combines an anatomical analysis, artistic vision and the widely discussed desires of every patient. In addition, it leaves just enough space for a finer retouch during the rest of the treatment.

An increase of attractiveness after the first injection.

Refreshing is worth it.

In case it is necessary, the individually adapted treatment for every particular case is continued until reaching an optimal result that satisfies both the patient and the doctor. The effect of the treatment performed by Clínica IMEBA® has a durability of up to two years. The effect can be obtained and extended in time by assisting additional treatments approximately every twelve months – with a reduced material cost and an accordingly reduced price.


Price: Only with consultation

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