How about a more masculine jawline?

We have the solution. The treatment takes 30 minutes. The result stays more or less one year.

And now we have a limited offer. Limited by the amount of people.
For exactly 25 men, we offer this treatment at a special price.
Take it or leave it. If you want it, take it now.

Brief information:
The procedure is painless, you will have a direct treatment with a flash effect, the treatment will be performed with hyaluronic acid…

…and the price is:

Price: 999€ (4 vials)

The faster you are, the better are your chances. The regular price of this treatment is 1.380€.

Please book your treatment or free consultation now. Call us at (+34) 971 102 103 or click here to send a message.

You can also message us via WhatsApp: 653 620 509







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