Learn more about the facial antiaging treatment with injectable vitamins by IMEBA320®

  • Reduces expression lines and medium to deep wrinkles
  • Corrects ageing signs
  • Restores volumes

Exclusive treatment:

Using mesotherapy, a skin rejuvenating complex, which includes hyaluronic acid of different concentrations and a combination of vitamins and minerals, is infiltrated into the skin. Formulated by aesthetic medicine specialists, this treatment is ideal for regaining the natural and youthful brightness of your skin. Proven results in both young and mature skins.

Medical treatment that consists of the infiltration of vitamins into the facial area. This is achieved through the use of facial mesotherapy, and is now one of the most frequently requested aesthetic solutions, because it hydrates and revitalises the skin even in its deeper layers. This way, the vitamins, antioxidants, and the hyaluronic acid that our skin consumes over the years are provided, depending on the composition. That is why we made a formulation that provides hydration to our skin and combats expression lines, wrinkles, and signs of skin ageing in general. You will notice the change in only one session, and you’ll achieve a radiant skin!


1 session         150€

3 sessions   399€ complete (we recommend 3 sessions with a break of 20 days)

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