We flatten your nasolabial furrows…

…but without filling them with hyaluronic acid or another filler!

Simpler and with increased durability. Everything is done within 30 minutes.

Exclusively with Clínica IMEBA®

Price: 395EUR

The nasolabial folds are also called “sadness wrinkles”. They start at the nostrils and go down to the corners of the mouth, following an oblique direction. They mark the smile and make it seem a bit “sad”.

Scheduled wrinkles
In young adults, the cheekbones are well defined. Along with the chin and the nose, they form an equilateral triangle. But this geometric figure evolves: its proportions change with age, leading to “sadness wrinkles”.

This has a logic explanation: it follows the downward movement of the complex formed by the skin and the subcutaneous fat.

Why do the nasolabial folds appear?

In the facial area, the fat layer gets thicker as the distance to the ears grows. The fat, which is found in great amounts in the cheeks, isn’t fixed in a solid way, making it mobile.

Three elements intervene in the apparition process of the nasolabial folds:

Fusion of the fat tissues
Flaccidity of the tissues due to the progressive disappearance of the collagen and elastin fibres
The complex formed by the skin and the fat moves until finding a resistance, in this case the orbicularis muscle of the mouth, which is basically the skeleton of the lips. The fat and the skin then position above the muscle, forming the nasolabial furrows.

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