Natural eyebrows forever – Micro-grafts for the Eyebrows with Clínicas IMEBA®

The eyebrows are an element of our face that shapes our look, our expression. They can be dense, thin, be good or less good proportioned and shaped. Their naturalness makes us focus more on the eyes than on the eyebrows, but when this is not the given case, or when there’s a total absence of hair on the eyebrows then it’s difficult to escape the looks, which for many people is a cause of stress and/or complexes.

Many women, as well as some men consider the transplantation of eyebrows as the solution to give volume to this area of their face that has lost hair, either because of stress situations or as a consequence of an accident.

At Clínica IMEBA® we offer you the necessary techniques for an eyebrow transplantation, the most advanced in the field of hair transplantation; given that reproducing the shape and different styles of eyebrows involves an artistic and therapeutic challenge for the surgeon; furthermore it’s a very effective and not very traumatic solution with natural results.

The transplantation of eyebrows is especially gratifying for the surgeon, because when a patient loses the eyebrows, he suffers an important depersonalisation, as the brows are something characteristic for everyone of us.

Most common reasons for hair loss on the eyebrows.

Repeated waxing, as it weakens the hair follicle and causes it to die.
Stress and hormonal situations like menopause.
Trichotillomania caused by an obsessive psychiatric disorder.
Accidents that have affected the area, generating scars where hair doesn’t grow naturally.
In terms of surgical techniques to be used, at Clínica IMEBA® both the FUE and the FUT technique can be used. Although it’s usually used on women and the hair is required to be 4-5 millimetres long, the FUT technique is often preferred, because with the FUE technique the hair needs to be cut until being 1-2 millimetres short.

To recreate a natural eyebrow, between 200 and 600 hair units are needed, although this will depend on the type of eyebrows and the needs of the patient.
The hairs are extracted from the scalp of the patient.
The length of the hair that’s obtained is about 4-5 millimetres – this is needed to be able to see the curvature of the hair and respect it while performing the implantation.
The surgery lasts about 3 hours and is usually done in one procedure.
After the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out after 2-3 weeks and its new growth will start to be visible from the first 3 months.
It will be necessary for patients with an eyebrow transplant to cut them every 1-2 weeks, since the hair comes from the scalp and will grow in the exact same way.
With the FUT technique, a scar will be left behind on the scalp that can easily be covered using hair, in the recipient site, by contrast, no scars will be seen.

Either way, the best results in terms of eyebrow transplants are the ones that integrate in the face and don’t draw attention, giving all the importance of the facial area to the eyes.

Eyebrows for women and men

The classical anatomic descriptions position the male eyebrow on or slightly below the orbital rim, while the female eyebrow is always higher and located above the orbital rim.

In order to create a natural eyebrow, the surgeon has to understand his patients and has to transmit them which are the typical anatomic characteristics of the eyebrows, the way of the hair growth, and the fact that the eyebrow is formed mostly by single-hair units that grow with in a very acute angle, very close to the skin.

For the design of the eyebrow, the fact that almost all of them have a small curve in the outer third where the width keeps decreasing until disappearing, is taken into consideration.

The eyebrow consists of three more or less differentiated regions: the head of the eyebrow is the part that’s closest to the nose and is formed by hair that grows almost vertically. More sideways is the body, formed by more horizontal hair that joins in the centre of the eyebrow and, the tail of the eyebrow end with some horizontal hairs.

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