Treatment: neck and décolleté


Over time the skin of the neck starts dropping and showing a flaccid and chapped. The same happens with the décolleté.


The treatments are focussed on returning the skin a hydrated, smooth and bright appearance. This is achieved through mesotherapy (multiple microinjections in the area to be treated), which can be performed with topic anaesthesia and using these products, among others:

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma with hyaluronic acid

Growth factors
Also, with 3 treatment sessions the best results will be achieved.

Session N° 1   Now
Session N° 2   Two weeks after the 1st session
Session N° 3   6 months after the 2nd session


PRP with hyaluronic acid: up to 2 years


PRP with hyaluronic acid: 295€/session or 600€/3 sessions if you decide to pay all the treatments in the first session.

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