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Cellulite is a disorder that affects the skin and the tissues situated underneath. It consists of the accumulation of adipose tissue, forming nodules of fat, water and toxins which are preferably located on the level of the lower body half. The produced aspect looks like the skin of an orange. A disorder that’s difficult to remove.


Dermoplastia AWT® is a treatment with a patented shot technique that removes cellulite by splitting the accumulations of fatty tissue that are located in body areas where they’re most difficult to remove. This technique is able to treat the oedema, the cellulite, in its three most common stages: the macronodule, micronodule and lipodystrophy.

It’s a system that achieves results of cellulite elimination and contour reshaping in a fast, safe and lasting way, and without surgery.


  • Treatment of cellulite
  • Toning of the connective and muscular tissue
  • Elimination of lymphatic congestion
  • Body contouring
  • Regulation of the muscular tone
  • Medicinal massage
  • Activation of the connective and muscular tissue


Dermoplastia AWT® is more efficient than radiofrequencymesotherapy and cavitation.

With the execution of the complete treatment we are able to guarantee a satisfying result like no other technology is able to.


It is a treatment with acoustic waves developed to fragment kidney stones and treat on a muscular level with radial shockwaves. These waves generate acoustic impulses of short duration and great pressure.

The stimulation with AWT waves improves the blood supply and the microcirculation, encouraging the metabolism. With an increase of the lymphatic flow, the fat degradation and therefore also the elimination of residues intensifies.

A considerable improvement of the essential problems like a reduced metabolism in the area or reduced elasticity of the connective tissue is achieved with the treatment that combats cellulite, at the same time the blood supply and the lymphatic flow are improved. The treatment increases the skin tone, reducing the unsightly dents in a visible way.

During the Dermoplastia AWT® treatment the connective tissue relaxes and the density of the skin increases. The blood supply starts improving and the grown fat cells are reduced to their normal size.

After the treatment, the density of the skin increases and the connective tissue regains its natural elasticity.

The areas that can be treated with this technique are arms, buttocks, inner and outer side of the thighs, belly, hips and the abdominal area.


The duration of the treatment is approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the type of cellulite and the depth of the problem, 6 to 10 sessions will be necessary, and up to 2 sessions per week can be done. The results remain visible for the following 6 months, and can be extended in time as long as we keep a balanced diet and do physical activity on a regular base.


Carboxytherapy is a non surgical technique or procedure during which the gas carbon dioxide, CO2, is administered on an intradermal way with a sterile and very small needle, this needle is connected to a machine that regulates the gas flow through a connecting tube.

Carboxytherapy is applied to heal or combat the fat excess of the body, like cellulite, combat body and facial ageing, flaccidity and microscopic varicose veins, as well as to reduce scars and stretch marks. It’s also used as a postoperative treatment after liposuction treatments or other aesthetic surgeries to correct skin imperfections, prevent fibrosis and improve the results. This technique can be applied on its own or in combination with other techniques, like mesotherapy, laser therapies, etc. Its origin goes back to the fifties in France, when a group of cardiologists who were developing treatments for different medical conditions (related to issues like poor circulation and poor wound scarring), extended their studies to the treatment of fat accumulations and other aesthetic conditions.



The human body, while in a resting state, produces about 200 cc of CO2 per minute. This amount can be multiplied by 10 while exercising, that’s why it’s proven that the application of this substance is harmless for your health, even if applied in higher doses than it would normally be the case.

Carboxytherapy is a therapeutic method that is used for degrading the accumulated fat and fibrosis that can be found in different areas of the body. It uses carbon dioxide (CO2), and one of its main application areas is medical aesthetics, in which its role is combating conditions like cellulite that produce due to the malfunction of the micro-circulatory system and the bad nutrition of the tissues.

Carboxytherapy is not meant to be performed as a treatment for obesity, and the results are obtained more efficiently when complemented with other treatments that enhance its effects, like in case of mesotherapy, sub-dermal therapy or pressotherapy.

Treatment time: 30 minutes

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