IMEBA®pbs – new and unique

It’s a new campaign, focused on the treatment of the different conditions of the face and the body related to age, photo-ageing, weight changes, etc.

This treatment consists of the administration of different mixtures of active ingredients in specific areas of the body or the face, with the aim of improving negative aspects like wrinkles, flaccidity, tired look caused by bags or dark circles, flaccidity on the neck, cellulite and more.



Indicated for the reduction of bags and wrinkles in the eye contour, caused by fat accumulation, flaccidity and/or liquid retention or oedema.

Different cocktails are used for the treatment of each case:

IMEBA®pbsO1: For the treatment of flaccidity in the eye contour without bags. Price: starting at 349€/pack of 3 sessions

IMEBA®pbsO2: For the treatment of flaccidity with fat accumulation OR liquid. Price: starting at 549€/pack of 3 sessions

IMEBA®pbsO3: For the treatment of flaccidity with fat accumulation AND liquid. Price: starting at 749€/pack of 3 sessions



Indicated for the treatment of flaccidity or firmness loss on the neck without surgery.

Through the application of another vitamin cocktail we can improve the skin quality of the neck area, achieving a softer, stronger and younger skin.

Price: starting at 549€/pack of 3 sessions



Depending on the type of cellulite, different types of substances with a draining, circulatory, lipolytic or reaffirming effect are injected.

The substances applied to improve cellulite have the following aim:

  • The reduction of the fatty tissue.
  • Activation of the circulatory system, as a poor circulation is one of the causes of cellulite.
  • Restructuring the connective tissue.
  • Improving the skin tone.

Price: starting at 849€/pack of 5 sessions



Recommended for adding brightness and a younger and more hydrated appearance with a flash effect, perfect for when you have special upcoming events.

The most commonly treated areas include face, neck, neckline and hands.

Price: starting at 349€/pack of 2 sessions

It’s important to do a previous consultation with the doctor in order to know which one is the optimal treatment for each person.


– There is no recovery time

– Painless

– Very low risk of side effects (as long as it’s performed by a certified doctor)

– Done in only 30 minutes

Even though the changes can be visible from the first session, several sessions are recommended to get better results. However, the response will depend on every patient, that’s why the doctor needs to adjust the protocol individually.

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