Ombré Eyebrows – ¡New! and exclusively with Clínica IMEBA®

The Ombré Eyebrows are trending right now. Subtle colour transitions, combined with a slight shading at the beginning of the eyebrow assure a magic and natural look. All of this starting at 300€!

Price: 300€

Ombré Eyebrows

Blurry effect for the eyebrows with shading:
Different types of permanent makeup
A lot people think that permanent makeup has too much of an artificial appearance. However, the modern techniques are fundamentally different from the ones used some years ago. Now their main goal is to enhance natural beauty. One way of doing so is the shading of the eyebrows or Ombré Eyebrows. Now we will talk about its secrets and characteristics.

The main advantages of the Ombré Eyebrows

Among all permanent makeup procedures, powder is the most popular, because the main goal can be achieved – a natural and beautiful appearance of the eyebrows. Its most important secret is the use of colour as “background”, which fills the space between the hairs or the areas that have no hair at all. This way, a beautiful shape with rich colours can be created, which can have a durability of approximately one year (in some cases the effect can persist for 2-3 years).

Ombré Eyebrows

There’s various options of shading that differ in terms of colour density.
The Ombré Eyebrows, when the outline is highlighted and a light coloured background is created. This option is perfect for eyebrows with a light colour, it grants a natural appearance.
Blurry effect. Its characteristics are clear lines and a strong trace. It is used in eyebrows with a low density of hairs or when there’s no hair at all.
“3D”. This technique contains both the hair-by-hair method and the blurry effect. It is used in case you want to create the illusion of depth in the eyebrows while tracing an outline.

What are the advantages of this technique?

There are various advantages:
Painless, because the needle doesn’t enter the deep layers of the skin.
Long lasting.
Duration of the treatment (approximately 1 hour)
No health risks (as long as hygiene is taken into account)

Fast recovery of the skin after the procedure. A lot of women compare the blurry effect with the hair-by-hair technique trying to understand which one of the permanent makeup options for eyebrows is better. However, this kind of approach is incorrect, as these methods are different in different types of eyebrows. The hair-by-hair method is perfect to add a little bit of volume.

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