What is Perscroto?

Perscroto is the term used for the cosmetic and non-surgical relaxation of the scrotum with the exclusive treatment by Clínica IMEBA®.

Why Perscroto (relaxation of the scrotum)?

Some male patients prefer a lower and more relaxed scrotum for aesthetic reasons. Our treatment causes a relaxation of the scrotal area, both the cremaster muscle (which regulates the height of the testicles) and the dartos muscles (the group of muscles below the skin of the scrotum that regulate its size). When treating these muscles, a significant lowering of the scrotum and the testicles will occur.

What are the indications of our exclusive Perscroto treatment?

Cosmetic improvement (aesthetic)
Hyper-dynamic / hyperactive scrotum

What are the contraindications for our treatment?

Hypersensitivity (allergy)
Infection within the scrotal area
Recent trauma in the area
Scars on the scrotum (patients with scrotal scars may not respond to the treatment)

What will the scrotum look like after our treatment?

The following images show the clinic results that can be achieved with Perscroto.

The results can vary between patients.

How is the treatment performed?

As a general rule, we perform a bit of local anaesthesia. Everything is done in an ambulatory way without sedation. First of all, the scrotal area is cleaned using an alcohol swab. Afterwards, local anaesthesia is applied on the whole surface of the scrotum. Once the area is under the effect of the anaesthesia (approximately 15-25 minutes later), the scrotal area is treated with a minimum of discomfort or pain. The procedure generally takes around 45 minutes.

The consultations and the treatment will be exclusively performed by male doctors.

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