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The health benefits of pressotherapy:
Pressotherapy is a lymphatic drainage treatment that reduces cellulite and fat accumulations, but also improves the blood circulation in the whole body. The treatment consists in applying pressure on the body using air. This air is introduced into a pneumatic suit that needs to be worn by the patient in order to enjoy its benefits.

What is pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is a body treatment that’s normally used to reduce or remove cellulite. It helps encouraging the blood circulation and reduces liquid retention, preventing major problems from occurring.

It’s a specific treatment to improve the circulatory and the lymphatic systems, besides that it provides other aesthetic benefits like the reduction or elimination of cellulite, treating areas like legs, belly, arms, back and waist.

How does it work?

Pressotherapy consists in applying certain air pressures on different areas of the body, this is done through a pair of boots and a sash that the patient has to wear, which alternately creates compression and relaxation that act on the lymphatic system in a very efficient way. Besides that, this technique encourages the recovery of skin elasticity and increases the oxygen supply to the tissues, facilitating tissue regeneration. It also treats cellulite at all stages.


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recuperacion PRESOTERAPIAHips recuperacion PRESOTERAPIALegs


  • Increases the oxygenation of the body and causes an improvement of our blood circulation.
  • Decreases liquid retention.
  • Improves the circulatory and the lymphatic systems.
  • Pressotherapy can be combined with other draining treatments that, besides helping us to reduce cellulite, help us losing volume and toning the body.

The functioning is simple. Once you have the suit on to perform the pressotherapy, it is connected to a compressed air motor. This motor has different connections for arms, legs and body. The air pressure causes the suit to swell up and press on the fat accumulations. Upon receiving controlled pressure, these fat accumulations start to slowly break.

According to specialists from the sector, pressotherapy works because it’s able to break the fatty tissue through a deep massage. This massage is performed thanks to the pressure that the compressed air exerts over the body.

Benefits of pressotherapy:
Improving the circulatory system.
Removing fat areas.
Combating cellulite.
Reducing swelling.
Improves the feeling of tired legs.
Provides a better skin tone.
Non-invasive treatment.
Without anaesthesia.
Acts inside the body even though it’s applied on the outside.
Reduced price in comparison to other aesthetic medicine treatments.
Provides a stimulation of the muscles and the lymphatic capillaries.
Improves the immune system.
Through the rupture of the fatty tissue, it facilitates the elimination of toxins, as well as weight loss. Besides, it stimulates the blood circulation. Many aesthetic professionals recommend using it as a supplement for cellulite elimination as it activates the lymphatic system.

Cellulite occasionally appears as a consequence of fatty tissue accumulations. The so-called orange skin that many women don’t like. Well, one of the aims of this method is combating cellulite in women. It’s also suitable for people who want to lose weight even though their skin doesn’t show this type of fatty tissue.

Its functioning is focused on causing the blood flow to have a greater movement, that’s why it eliminates the swelling and inflammation, as well as the heaviness of the legs. It works to eliminate tired legs. Due to the greater blood flow, the areas that are usually harder to reach, like the legs, are favoured.

Additionally, the movement provides a greater oxygen flow. The refreshed blood circulates easily and the oxygen favours the fact that the tissues get an extra contribution. This can translate into an overall better health. It is known that people with respiratory problems tend to age faster. The cells don’t survive the same way when in low oxygen conditions.

When the machine is connected, you can feel a slight pressure that imitates a deep massage. The duration is between 30 and 40 minutes and you have to repeat every week. The recommendation is performing the treatment 8 times, in other words, during 2 months approximately.

Who is it indicated for:
The treatment can be done by any person. However, it’s especially recommended for those who have a bad blood circulation, or diseases related to the circulatory system.

Also for women with cellulite or who want to lose weight.

It’s convenient to do moderate exercise after finishing the complete treatment in order to improve the results. Besides, if you perform this technique before or after some aesthetic treatment like liposculpture or liposuction, the results can be much stronger. Due to the pressotherapy activating the lymphatic system and the blood circulation, you will avoid liquid retention and improve the symptoms of the postoperative period.

Side effects and contraindications:
People with varicose veins.
Liver cirrhosis.
If you are pregnant or in breastfeeding period you must wait.
Can cause thrombosis.
Avoid the use with pacemakers and cardiovascular problems.


    50€/1 session

250€/6 sessions

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