This treatment consists of a dermal filler that is used to mitigate the effect of wrinkles and folds, especially in the facial area, but also in other body areas like the hands.

One of its advantages within the world of aesthetics is the fact that this treatment almost never requires an allergy test before it is performed, basically because it’s formed by calcium hydroxylapatite microparticles, a component that is naturally found in our body. These particles are dissolved in a gelatine solution, which is administered to the patient while undergoing a Radiesse treatment.

¿Where and for what can Radiesse be used?

• Nasolabial folds: Deep wrinkles or simply lines that appear around mouth and nose.
• Expression lines, like crow’s feet, for example, which are annoying.
• Marionette lines: These are those wrinkles (lines or furrows depending on how deep they are) that start in the corners of the mouth and end at the chin, they usually show when laughing. They are called like this because of their close resemblance to the lines of the marionettes used by ventriloquists.
• Hand rejuvenation, for people who have their hands punished by hard works or simply over time.
• Periocular wrinkles: These are, like we already commented, the classical crow’s feet and other wrinkles that form around the eyes.
• Wrinkles on the cheeks.
• Nose correction: Applicable even after a rhinoplasty treatment.
• Columella: The so-called “hanging columella” occurs when there is an excess of the columella, located on the nasal septum, which makes it look like a “hanging bridge”. The goal of Radiesse is hiding this bump, so that the person looks good both from the front and the side.
• Chin fold.
• Chin.
• Lip profile: Radiesse is also used for combatting the typical wrinkles found on the upper part of the lips that resemble a barcode.
• Facial shape and jaw wrinkles.

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