Carboxytherapy for dark circles and bags under the eyes – Effective depigmentation


Everyone has suffered those unsightly grey or purple marks that appear under the eyes when we are sleepless or tired, however some people have very significant dark circles for genetic reasons and need to recur to methods like carboxytherapy in order to reduce the effect of these spots.

resultados-de-la-carboxiterapiaIf you also suffer from recurring dark circles and you can find this treatment in your city, this might be your best option if up until now you haven’t achieved your desired results with makeup, creams and home remedies.

Carboxytherapy: What is it and how does it work?

For this treatment, a gas known as carbon dioxide (CO2) is used, and compared to other methods for fighting dark circles, carboxytherapy is a non surgical procedure based on the use of injections. This guarantees the patient a fast recovery, being able to enjoy the results of the treatment as soon as possible.

The procedure will start when the doctor in charge introduces injections containing carbon dioxide into the area of the dark circles. When the injection takes place, the element will extend, this way the greatest possible area will be covered for the treatment.

Studies show that the patients who decided to undergo this treatment experienced a notorious improvement of their dark circles. In addition to this, they noticed a more elastic skin, a better blood supply of the area, the stimulation of new collagen for the skin and especially a better appearance of small expression lines and wrinkles.

The small amounts of carbon dioxide that are injected into the area work at a low pressure in order to be safe for the body. When the treated area is provided with more oxygen, the creation of collagen is stimulated and the fast drainage of toxins in the area is encouraged, resulting in a healthier skin.

For patients with strong dark circles, it’s recommended to perform up to 5 or more sessions to obtain lasting and remarkable results. People with less intense dark circles can choose to do between one and three sessions, depending on the situation, and taking into account that a pause of ten days is needed between every session and the next one.

Is the removal of dark circles using carboxytherapy painful?

carboxiterapia2The patients undergoing this treatment claim that there’s no pain involved in the treatment. However, there’s a strange feeling, described by many as a tingling sensation, in the area where the injections are done, but this is something that will only last a few seconds.

Obviously we will feel something when the doctor injects the carbon dioxide gas, because after all, the speed of the blood circulation will rise, making the area more sensitive for a few moments.

The slight discomfort of the injections will only last a few seconds per injection. Nevertheless, after placing the injections you will most likely get a feeling of warmth in the treated area that will last between ten and fifteen minutes.

¡CARE! Keep in mind that if you are suffering a bad lymphatic drainage, the possibility of an inflammation in the treated area increases significantly, even if this kind of condition normally lasts less than a day.

Ideal candidate for a carboxytherapy of dark circles

This treatment is designed for people who have significant dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles form much stronger on people with thin skin, congesting the blood vessels and causing a poor blood circulation in the area. Due to this bad blood supply, the skin shows a dark spot which is caused by blood containing no oxygen.

Carboxytherapy acts by relieving the area beneath the eyes, helping the air to flow easily, stimulating the blood circulation and causing it to normalise.

A good candidate for a carboxytherapy needs to have a good state of health, and even if there are no risks associated with the exposure to this therapy, it’s not recommended performing this treatment during pregnancy or lactation period.

Benefits of the carboxytherapy for dark circles

After every session you will be able to see the results, getting more prominent with each session. However, you should keep in mind that the reduction of the dark circles will not be permanent and that it’s likely for them to reappear.

Something you can do is watching your habits, this way, if they reappear they will do it more slightly and for a shorter period of time, although after the completion of the sessions it’s likely for them to not appear in some time. Among other benefits of this treatment we can highlight the following:

• The improvement of the blood circulation in the area
• The stimulation of the collagen production for a more elastic skin
• The skin in the area will become less thin
• The improvement of both colour and texture of the treated area

Average price for the performance of a carboxytherapy


Generally, just so you have an idea of what the average price of a carboxytherapy session can be like, the prices can be found in the following way:

Price: 90€/session

Package prices: 400€/5 sessions  700€/10 sessions

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