Picolaser for skin spots

Effective treatment for the elimination of pigmented lesions such as liver spots and acne marks among others.

It’s a safe and painless treatment that can be performed throughout the year.

Treatment, duration and recommendations:

Before starting the treatment, numbing cream is applied for greater patient comfort. After the laser session, the treated area becomes slightly red and sometimes a thin crust may appear which disappears on its own after a few days. The patient can return to normal activity after the treatment, and can even put on make-up.

After the session it is advisable to hydrate the treated area well and apply high factor sun protection.

Depending on the type of skin spot it may be necessary to perform more sessions.


The Picolaser treatment helps to remove present skin spots, but cannot prevent the generation of future spots. If the patient is exposed to solar radiation again, his cells will be stimulated again, producing pigment and generating other spots different from those already eliminated.

Price: depends on the area and size… book your free consultation!

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