Over decades, the aesthetic imperfections of the nose due to genetic or external causes have been one of the main reasons for complexes and insecurities of a great part of the population. Thanks to the progress of medical aesthetics, nowadays there is a safe and effective solution at a fair price.

RHINO-MODELLING is a medical-aesthetic nose modification technique without surgery.

RHINO-MODELLING by Clínica IMEBA® is the most effective, comfortable and safe treatment, through which 80% of the cases are solved without the need of a surgery.

In the RHINO-MODELLING treatment, hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite is used, both of these components are naturally found in our body, they are biocompatible, reversible and safe as they don’t cause allergic reactions.
Besides a volume increase of the angles and areas that are going to be modified, these materials provide a tightening effect.

At Clínica IMEBA®, the RHINO-MODELLING technique is performed through two entries at certain points using micro-cannulas of the latest generation, these fine tubes help to reduce the appearance of bruises and assure a very precise deposit of the material within the diagnosed area. Locally infiltrated anaesthesia is applied to mitigate the pain, making this treatment completely safe and efficient.

The objective is improving the imperfections, this is done by modifying the angles of the nose, the nasolabial area and the area between nose and forehead, and correcting the nasal dorsum. Although the nose is the central area of this procedure, it also allows the correction of the chin and other areas of the facial profile, achieving a global improvement of the face.

The duration is approximately of 30 minutes. The

An effect that’s visible immediately after the treatment is achieved.


Return the symmetry to the nose.
Fill post-traumatic flaws or post-surgical stigma.
Soften or modify the angles of the nose.
Soften or modify the nose tip.
As far as possible, modify the shape and lift up the tip of the nose a few degrees for aesthetic reasons, mainly to beautify the profile of the nose.
Regular check-ups every year are recommended, as well as a repeat of the treatment every 18-24 months.
Price: starting at 345€

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