Spiculated Threads

Facial Lifting without surgery, done with Spiculated Threads


Facial Lifting for women and men

These threads are called spiculated threads because they are covered by spicules. They hook onto the dermis to tighten the skin and get the desired lifting effect that we are looking for when flaccidity starts getting visible in our face or in other parts of the body.

The COG multifilament threads are a variation of the monofilament threads, which are also fabricated with polydioxanone (PDO), a highly secure material applied in heart surgery techniques and that acts encouraging cell cohesion, while the threads are completely absorbed by the body after a certain period of time.

The COG multifilament spiculated threads are covered by spicules over the entirety of their length, with an additional benefit from the PDO threads. They have an immediate mechanic effect, as well as a tightening effect (lifting) that are much more visible, starting from the moment of the implantation.

The COG spiculated threads have a greater tightening effect than the conventional ones, because they leave more anchor points on their way through the tension line, besides that, they encourage an increased natural collagen production due to the fibrosis forming around the thread.

Through a correct combination of these new threads, a more complete vector network can be formed in the facial area (or in other body areas to be treated), achieving more volume, a greater tightening effect, and more durable results when treating wrinkles, folds or sagging skin.

The tension produced by these threads is 4 times higher than the one obtained with traditional threads.


Depending on your age and physiognomy, the needles carrying the threads are introduced into your skin through a completely customised treatment, the same applies for other body parts.

First of all, a design of the treatment to be performed is done, drawing the direction in which the tightening threads are going to be placed on the skin surface.

The vector that most elevates the sagging skin needs to be found, at least two paths are used for each vector.

Each path equals one thread, placing them in parallel. The threads are introduced using a needle, which they are threaded onto. This needle is then removed through the same spot it was introduced through, and the thread remains inside without the needle going through the skin while being removed. The thread remains rooted and the outer end is pulled on in order to lift up the skin and instantly correct the flaccidity.


These threads, on one hand, sustain, tighten and stretch, because they are covered by prolongations that stick onto the skin, and on the other hand, encourage skin regeneration, notably improving its elasticity.

They don’t replace lifting, but these threads are another alternative that generates a great level of satisfaction among the patients.

Almost instantly, a mechanic tightening effect produces, this effects may vary depending on the treated area and the condition of the skin within that area.

The biologic effects can be seen starting the first month, intensifying after three months and lasting up to twelve or eighteen months.

Even though the inserted threads are absorbed after about 4 months, the effects persist because the threads are replaced with new collagen formed around the thread by the body.

The COG spiculated threads treatment is completely compatible with social life. Repeating it approximately once a year.

As for many treatments, the duration will always depend on several factors, like sun exposure, diet, tobacco use, and especially genetics.

The spiculated and the monofilament threads can be mixed in the same treatment.

Side effects

It’s a safe treatment that rarely leads to complications, these will only appear in a slight and temporary way: swelling, tension, oedema, redness, slight stinging or a bruise that disappear after a short period of time.

Advice to be followed previous to the treatment with COG multifilament threads

Taking Traumeel in from of tablets three days before the start of the treatment prevents bruises from appearing within the treated area. The use of this medication is indicated to minimise the pain and inflammation of contusions and bruises.

It’s been proven that people whose diet is rich in food containing Vitamin C encourage the collagen production of the skin. That’s why we recommend eating fruits with a high Vitamin C content both before and after the treatment.

Do not use anticoagulant substances like aspirin. In case of following a treatment with anticoagulants, you need to mention it even before doing a consultation.

Do not consume stimulating substances (energy drinks, coffee, cola drinks) or tobacco the days previous to the treatment with COG spiculated threads.

Treatment: 30-40 Minutes
Anaesthesia: local with the injection
Durability of the effect: up to 12 – 16 months


6 threads (3 on each side) 590€

4 threads (2 on each side) 400€

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