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Androgenic alopecia is the most common form of alopecia, affecting more than a half of the men and a fourth part of the women throughout their lives. There are a number of medical treatments that slow down its progress and development and even improve hair density.

A new treatment, exclusively available in Mallorca at Clínica IMEBA®.

The treatment consists of capillary microinjections with a completely new product.

Package price for 4 sessions: 499€

First there’s a free consultation and afterwards the first session of the treatment. The second session follows 14 days later, 4 weeks later the third one and 8 weeks after that, the fourth session.

Please book your free consultation – call us at 971 102 103 or click here and send a message.

Following with the subject of antiandrogens, some interesting studies have been published, demonstrating the effectiveness of local dutasteride infiltrations in patients that suffer from androgenic alopecia. This treatment can be used as a monotherapy or in combination with the classic treatments.

An investigation team developed a scientific study awaiting its publication which allowed us to observe the effect of local dutasteride infiltrations in form of a monotherapy every 3 months on women and men suffering from androgenic alopecia. The obtained preliminary results are very positive, showing a moderate improvement in 33% of the cases (see figure) and a slight improvement in 66% of the cases, without side effects, and without modifying the hormone levels of the blood, which is why this treatment can be an interesting therapy for selected patients.

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