“One thing we like about IMEBA is the naturalness of their treatments.

There were some details that bothered us a little bit. It simply didn’t match with us and our image. But something very important to us was keeping our natural appearance despite everything.

Of course we have heard and seen many terrible things about several clinics, but also very positive things. Precisely in the case of Clínica IMEBA, what got our attention is the fact that they focus a lot on the naturalness of the patient.

Besides that, a friend of ours went to IMEBA and got denied a treatment, or better said, they informed her that the treatment would destroy her natural beauty and asked her not to do it. I still remember this friend calling us and complaining about it. But in a conversation I had with her, I told her she should be happy, as I would’ve found it horrible if the treatment had been performed the way she wanted it. In the end she was very happy about IMEBA telling her not to do it, instead she achieved a very good result on a different way with their help.

That was the key point because of which we also chose IMEBA. And we are very happy and satisfied with the result, with the doctors and with the rest of the team.”

Montse S. and Miguel F.

If you would also like to keep your naturalness despite doing a treatment, at Clínica IMEBA you are in the best hands.

To book your appointment, please call us at 971 102 103 or click here to send a message.


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